Bingo Lingo: A Starter’s Guide for Online Bingo

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Bingo used to be such a simple game – turn up to your local bingo call, catch up with your friends and try your luck at winning the jackpot. However, if you’ve ever played online bingo no deposit we would forgive you if you felt a little bit lost, especially when it comes to the chat room. The lingo used in the bingo world is different than it used to be, and we’re here to help clear the air – stick with us to read our Starters Guide for Online Bingo Lingo!

What is ‘bingo lingo’?

If you are yet to experience the joys of an online bingo chatroom, you might not have come across bingo lingo. It’s essentially slangs and abbreviations that the bingo community use to communicate during games. Sometimes we are stuck in a tight spot and don’t want to spend too much time typing in the chat, so these abbreviations aim to speed up communication and offer some quirky and fun terms that only us bingo fans will understand! You may have come across lingo like this in other forms, like when mobile phones first came about. Common abbreviations used in chat that are non-specific to bingo include:

–          BRB, meaning ‘I will be right back!’

–          AFK, meaning ‘I’m away from my keyboard!’

–          BBL, meaning ‘I’ll be back later!’

–          LOL, meaning ‘I am laughing out loud!’

You may have already heard of these ones, and despite not being exclusive to bingo they are very likely to appear in your chat room! However, you’re not here to read about the classic texting abbreviations – lets dive into the bingo lingo!

Best Bingo Lingo

Abbreviations and slang have existed as long as languages have been spoken – generally it’s a way to communicate faster whilst adding some humour and style to your conversation. Communication is a huge part of the fun of bingo, so it’s probably no surprise that a load of bingo fans invented their own lingo that can be found in most online bingo rooms today. Check out the table below – we’ve listed a few examples that you simply must know before playing online!

Bingo Lingo Example Meaning
1TG/2TG “One” or “Two balls to go until bingo”
GGA “Good game, all!”
JP Jackpot
Roomies The other people you are playing bingo with
FH Full house!

There are loads more, but we think these are the most important ones. Want to learn more? Your best bet is to jump into an online bingo game and show off this lingo – you’ll be hearing new ones in no time!

Bingo Lingo – The Language of Bingo

Overall, the lingo used in online bingo games really can be confusing and make you feel like you’ve stepped into a foreign land, but learn the basics and you will be used to it in no time! The best way to get started is to use this starters guide for online bingo lingo, memorize some of the examples, and show off to your new friends – you might just learn something new!

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