The Main Differences Between Fashion and Fine Jewellery

Fashion jewellery can be timeless too 

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Fashion jewellery, also known as costume jewellery, is a creative way to express yourself through your accessories. Fine jewellery on the other hand,  is often more classic in its style, although no less of an expression of your style.

While there’s plenty of variations of fashion and fine jewellery and lots of differences between the two, both have a place in your wardrobe.

If you are purchasing fashion jewellery from the right places, and considering a few key things as you purchase, then it’s absolutely worth the investment.

The main differences between fashion and fine jewellery

Aside from their style, there are other differences between fashion jewellery and fine jewellery:

  • Fabrication: fine jewellery is made of precious metals, like gold and often includes precious stones like diamonds. Fashion jewellery is made of materials that are not considered precious, but can still be high quality.
  • Price point: fashion jewellery’s fabrication is reflected in its price point. While you can still find quality, long lasting pieces in the fashion jewellery section, they won’t come with a valuation certificate and are significantly cheaper than fine jewellery.
  • Purpose: fashion jewellery often reflects the trends of the moment, and will change with each season, where fine jewellery is more classic in style.

Fashion jewellery can be timeless too

Despite its name, a piece of fashion jewellery may be a fundamental piece of your collection for many years. If you are a discerning shopper, and choose fashion jewellery that is also classic – for example, is a single colour, or made from quality materials, then you will reach for it season after season, just like you do your fine jewellery.

Seek out fashion jewellery from high-end retailers, like Louis Vuitton, whose monograms and accessories never go out of style.

Fashion jewellery is less expensive

Keeping up with ever evolving fashions can be an expensive exercise, and lower priced fashion jewellery is a good solution to keeping within your budget with staying on trend. Choosing fashion jewellery means you’ll get more for your money and have more choice when adding accessories to your outfits.

Combine fashion jewellery with your fine jewellery

You don’t have to stick to only fine or only fashion jewellery when you are getting ready. Fine jewellery is often simple, and so timeless and layering this with a more fashion-forward piece will add interest and flair to your outfit.

If you are ready to invest in fashion jewellery that will compliment your other pieces, start with a well-regarded fashion house like Louis Vuitton; you’ll find high quality, trend proof fashion jewellery that will last. If you have questions you can send an email to their team.

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