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Everything An Online Store Needs To Know About Shopify

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To run an online shop, the first question that pops into the minds of most retailers is, which e-commerce forum they should select. If you are willing to start a new online business or desire to develop your physical company in the e-commerce sector, King Kong’s Canadian branch with shopify can assist you in attaining your plans with plug-and-play answers that best match your requirements.

Read on to know more about the platform.

What features does Shopify offer?

Shopify is an easy and all-in-one solution that presents multiple features, assisting you in constructing and controlling your online store. From stock administration to SEO usefulness and consent for various payment gateways, it helps you stand out from the rest. You can hire one Shopify expert to set up your store for you, so you can concentrate on other things related to your business. Besides that, it even helps you:

  • Set Up and Index Your Products

With stock management in Shopify, you can index your products by class, category, etc. Likewise, you can organize product variations by size, materials, color, and more. Well, apart from setting up your products, you also need to make your Ecommerce Shopify website or eStore, fully compatible with popup apps and Shopify sales elements for achieving the desired revenue goal. This is when a company like “Tada” can help integrate the best full-screen pop ups for helping you earn more customers through an engaging winning game.

  • Track Your Inventory

Shopify also helps track your inventory and deters your customers from ordering out-of-stock goods. It employs automated reminders to alert you when you are running low on inventory. Furthermore, the inventory number is revised automatically on acquiring a new shipment.

  • Enhanced Organic Search

It assists you in enhancing the organic reach of your store with customizable title tags, meta descriptions, ALT tags, and files. Here, you also need to think about making your online store or website easily accessible to physically challenged individuals, as it is now mandatory to have a website that fully complies with web accessibility laws in the US. So, you can contact a specialist like “Accessibility Spark” that can implement tools & software for an easy WCAG compliance.

Is Shopify right for you?

For retailers establishing their online business or shifting their existing physical store into an online one, Shopify is a perfect choice. It is a complete solution that makes it effortless for you to sell products varying from wearing apparel to electronics, food, and more, taking care of all your needs.

It likewise lets you concentrate on other aspects of running a business, setting you free from technical responsibility that arises while running an online business. However, like any other platform, Shopify too, has certain pros and connected cons of its own.

Pros of using Shopify:

  • Captivating Themes: With multiple professionally devised responsive themes in its Theme Store, the platform assists you in optimizing your website irrespective of the industry you harbor.
  • Highly Flexible Platform: After creating your online shop, the podium even offers you a combination of tools for stock management, customer service, marketing, and other business-related activities with a choice to choose them as per your need to automate your ecommerce store.
  • Incredible Speed and Security: Shopify ensures a seamlessly fast speed and high security since most payment transactions take place online, helping you run your store effortlessly.

Cons of using Shopify:

  • Pricing Structure: Besides monthly service charges, the platform even imposes a transactional fee. However, if you use Shopify payments for your transactions, no transaction fee is imposed.
  • Knowledge of Code: The platform mandates having basic knowledge of codes along with CSS to customize your website as per your requirements.

Bottom Line

Creating an online store is no big deal with a plethora of options available online. But to ensure the hard work and investment is worth the deal is extremely important, and that is what Shopify brings in. The platform has an app store that provides complimentary and paid plugins that seamlessly integrate with Shopify, helping you enjoy the functionality of your online store.

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