Dream Big, Win Big – The Art of Winning the Online Lottery

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All folks dream big which is great in my opinion. However, there’s a massive distinction between your dreams and reality. You can’t get anywhere in case you just dream of splendid things and not do them in reality. You should always aim for higher and try to get as close to your goal as possible. For some, that goal becomes attainable through hard work while others can achieve it by even winning the online lottery.

Well, at the least we all aim for that to become true. You would possibly assume that I sound crazy right now, but many swear by the aids they use to select out their lottery numbers. You can also have already heard of how humans often search for their lucky numbers on a lottery ticket. Let’s have a look at the extraordinary approaches people undertake to choose out their lottery numbers.


Lucid dreaming is a state in which you are not absolutely asleep or absolutely awake. It is a hypnotic state of mind. With lucid dreaming, people visualize the things that they want the most and permit it to manifest. First step with dreaming is to practice the art of deep breathing. Meditation will help with practicing the fine breathing techniques. There are many Indians who swear by using dreaming to pick out their lottery numbers.

To be capable of doing this, visualize winning the lottery before you hit the sack. Make sure you have a pen and a notepad available next to you. Once you enter the dream state, imagine winning a lottery. Now write down a variety of numbers on that handy pen and paper you had kept on your bedside table. Keep on repeating the process until you have a definitive set of numbers that you aim to pick when playing the actual lottery, be it of Indian or International variety.


Lucid dreaming is not for everyone. Mastering the breathing technique is no easy feat and can take days and even months for you to perfect it. If you are one of those individuals that are having a difficult time achieving that state of mind, then we suggest going for a different approach.

In this method, you would be linking the happenings of your dream to the prevailing lottery numbers of that day. Suppose you dream about certain animals such as cats or even ingesting something delicious in your dream, memorize it somewhere so you don’t forget it. Along with noting down the happenings of your dream, record the prevailing lottery numbers of that day. Continue the same until you see some pattern developing.

This could be something as simple as associating numbers with animals like cats or certain food items like rice. Every time you see that item or animal, write down the number. Now you may have noticed that this is not a quickfire method of selecting numbers. You have to do this for a few days before you start seeing that pattern develop.

So, the day you decide to shop for the lottery ticket, buy the lottery ticket that contains the numbers connected to your dream.


Both these strategies of the usage of your goals to select the prevailing lottery numbers might sound silly. However, many have won lotteries by the use of these strategies. While it may seem foolish to use these begin with, we would advise that you stick with them. At the end of the day, what is the worst that can happen? You wont win the lottery, well that can happen even if you don’t apply these methods. Just remember that finding a pattern is not very easy, specifically as some people find it extremely difficult to remember the contents of their dream, even after a few seconds of waking up. You will now not see instant effects by means of using these techniques. However, over time, you’ll be capable of see the clear connection between the two

We wish you all the best but as is the case with any gambling site be it for cricket betting, online casino or lottery, make sure you play responsibly and within your limits!

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