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Indonesia is famous for lottery gambling. It is a Muslim dominated country and a wonderful tourist spot. People from different regions visit the country to enjoy the scenic beauty. They also get to know about the culture and heritage of Indonesia. However, you should keep in mind that the rules are strict in Indonesia for lottery gamblers. In this article, we will read everything related to lottery gambling in Indonesia.

Online Gambling In Indonesia

If we talk about the geographical conditions of Indonesia. It stretches between Asia and Australia. It possesses various types of islands and provinces. Indonesia is famous for playing online games. Many tourists often visit the place from a different world just for gambling. We all know that gambling is illegal worldwide, so Indonesia is not an exception. In the last two decades, gambling has reached to such a great extent that the government has decided to take strict measures to stop it.

However, the government of Indonesia has gone a great length to ban online gambling. Many people have a habit of earning more through lottery gambling. Do you know about the consequences and side effects of gambling?

Despite the several steps taken by the government, still, some online gambling games are famous. Researchers concluded that players are earning money illegally through this game. There have been found more than 8000 gambling sites in Indonesia. These sites are provided with an annual license.

Lists of Online Gambling sites in Indonesia.

We have already mentioned that online gambling is strictly prohibited but there are some sites that we have found. You can test these sites as these are low-risk websites.

The sites are stated below.

  • 22Bet
  • JackpotCity
  • 1XBet
  • ComeOn
  • Dafabet

These sites are safe. The with a license so that you can use it safely.

What is the future of gambling in Indonesia?

The Indonesian government has announced the banning of lottery gambling in 2012. After that, some websites were temporarily blocked. But, we know that it is not always possible to block websites. There will be a loss for the websites and many users also not getting to access the sites. After taking several measures, still, some sites are allowing registrations of gambling. Right now, the only legal game comes in the licensed free lottery. The government became strict from 2012, it is expected that if they didn’t become liberal before 2012, then there might be a chance to lower the risk of gambling.

Is Gambling legal or illegal in Indonesia?

Gambling is certainly illegal in Indonesia. It is considered to be the fourth most populous country. The official religion of the country is Muslim, so the majority of the country are Muslims. Muslim countries maintain strict laws in terms of gambling or consumption of alcohols. The government is very strict in the case of gambling.

If we consider the casinos in Indonesia, then we can see that currently there is no gambling going on in the country. Fortunately, the COVID situation also prevails for them to stop using gambling. Once the Muslim community protests against the state lottery and it was shut down. There are some online gambling games like poker, sgp 45. These games are popular and people are still playing it.

The gamblers hide from the government and play it. So, this information has reached the ears of the Indonesian government. They said every place every few days. If they find anything suspicious, they take serious actions against them.

Bali and Jakarta are the places which are tourist spots. The tourist loves the attractions and visits here. Many tourists are unaware of the fact of gambling. They often fell prey to the gambling. The Indonesian government takes strict actions on the tourists also. However, if it is found that the tourists are unaware of the gambling rules and regulations, at that time, they can lower the punishment. So, it is always advisable that if you have visited Indonesia for the first time or if you don’t have much knowledge about gambling, then it is always better to stay out of it.

What type of punishments are given to the gamblers in Indonesia?

The punishments in Indonesia for gambling are severe. Once if the gamblers got caught red-handed, then strict actions are taken. The Laws are different in different parts of the country. In the northern region, the government caned the gamblers in front of everyone, so that they will never indulge in this process again in their life. Many incidents are found where men are brutally caned in front of the public. The gamblers after committing suicide are not spared. The women were also not spared. They were also caned in front of everyone. One such incident occurred in Indonesia a few years ago that few gamblers lost their lives after receiving the cane from the government. The government is totally merciless in this matter. They think that they can go to the severe stage in banning gambling.

However, in the southern parts of the country,  rules are different. The law is not that strict in the south region. If gamblers are found in the activity of gambling, then they are sentenced to imprison for at least five years. Not only that, but the gamblers also have to pay a fine of a large sum of money. If you are below 18 years of age, then the law can be lowered. However, the government is very strict for minors also. The Indonesian government is thinking that they are going to take much severe law in the future.


It is great that you have read the entire article. You have got a thorough knowledge of gambling. We have given you the idea of lottery gambling in Indonesia. It is a punishable offence. About fifty-sixty years ago, Indonesia was one of the main hubs of gambling. It has been noticed that many lives were lost due to gambling as they become so much addicted. So, it is strictly advisable that you should avoid indulging yourself in gambling.

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