The Untold Secret To Mastering Sailpoint In Just 3 Days

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Sailpoint is one of the most efficient and powerful, integrated identity and governance systems in modern times. If you’d like to start your own business with Sailpoint, you need to take up the sailpoint certification training course and then exemplify your skills as a developer.

Growing emphasis on cloud protection and resource-efficient governance allows organizations to implement creative identity and governance infrastructures. Sailpoint offers secure and creative identity and access management solutions for compliance, application security and system integration, as well as IDaaS and on-site environments.

The willingness of practitioners to understand Sailpoint is therefore also growing considerably. Sailpoint spends a large part of its learning services on Sailpoint IdentityIQ, an identity management solution. And so any person seeking the position of a Sailpoint developer must begin with a basic understanding about what the platform is and basic functionality.

In this blog post we are going to discuss exactly the salespoint and its basic components in detail.

What is Sailpoint?

Sailpoint is a fully accessible identity governance framework that helps to automate access and speed up business. IT teams will figure out if it is safe to grant access to AI suggestions that come with a new Sailpoint Predictive Identity solution for any user request. However, the most common solution for Sailpoint is IdentityIQ, also known as the IdentityIQ war-file.

The war file contains all programme modules. IdentityIQ offers a cohesive identity governance system that can provide consistent results. It also guarantees the execution of business and security strategies and risk models relating to access-related activities.

Another essential feature of the Sailpoint tutorial will be the components of Sailpoint IdentityIQ. The components of IdentityIQ are responsible for providing automation for access certifications, enforcing regulations, providing services, or fulfilling end-to-end access requests. So, if you want to learn Sailpoint, you need to know the fundamentals of the following components.They are:

  • IdentifyIQ Compliance manager
  • IdentityIQ identity intelligence
  • IdentityIQ password manager
  • Connectors and integration modules
  • IdentityIQ lifecycle manager
  • IdnetityIQgvernanace Platform

IdentityIQ Compliance Manager:

IdentityIQ Compliance Manager is indeed one of the primary enhancements to the Sailpoint User Manual. This portion allows companies to boost review and enforcement efficiency thereby maintaining operational efficiencies. Consumers may obtain the features of automated policy management, audit reporting and analytics, and business-friendly access certifications.

IdentityIQ identity intelligence

IdentityIQ Identity Intelligence provides maximum visibility to ensure data detection and quicker risk recognition. It also encourages quicker detection of enforcement problems, allowing the opportunity to make the right choices and increase performance.

IdentityIQ password manager

This component is another essential feature that you’d come across before you learn Sailpoint. IdentityIQ Password Manager offers an easy solution for handling user passwords while at the same time maintaining reduced operating costs while improving efficiency. The main features of this IdentityIQ portion include self-service password management and better password policy enforcement and synchronization.

Connectors and integration modules

Connectors and integration modules are also a core element of IdentityIQ that you can notice while studying Sailpoint. These components help to link IdentityIQ to both cloud-based and on-site apps and data. In addition, they also support the seamless integration of IdentityIQ with other IT security and operating tools.

IdentityIQ lifecycle manager

IdentityIQ Lifecycle Manager is an absolute necessity of the Sailpoint Deployment Manual. The part offers business-oriented measures to meet safe and cost-effective connectivity. In this case, the functionality will include self-service request form and intelligent provisioning.

IdentityIQ governance Platform

The IdentityIQ Governance Platform is essentially the cornerstone for better risk management through the centralization of data recognition. It also offers a centralized forum for modeling tasks, risks, and business processes and policies.

Here are some attractive benefits if you learn the sailpoint for the success of your career which ultimately reflect in your business growth and success. They are:

  • Help business users to handle access from any computer.
  • Centralization of visibility and risk-reduction governance controls.
  • Improving efficiency in addition to reducing prices.

Another important thing that should be known by the people before learning sailpoint are the sailpoint policies.

Sailpoint policies act as a vital mechanism for companies to ensure that various predefined access policies are applied across critical and general enterprise applications. However the most relevant regulation you’d come across is the SOD policy or the Separation-of-Duty policy.

SOD policies are essential to guarantee the enforcement of robust enforcement controls. It is important to note that Sailpoint IdentityIQ allows IT managers and companies to identify access rights more easily. Policies are relevant to all positions and government benefits, thereby ensuring security adequacy. In addition, learners should note that IdentityIQ offers support for different types of policies, such as risk-based regulation, and account-level policy.


If you are ready to unfold the secret behind mastering sailpoint, then you should be aware of the basics and advanced functionalities of it. In the above sections I had given a brief note of the key functionalities and what sailpoint exactly means. Explore the functionality or features one by one and build a comprehensive guide that is in line with the sailpoint.

Suppose for example, if you had gone through one functionality such as identifyIQ compliance management, you need to explore in depth and build the professional knowledge from that point. So be wise to select the reliable sailpoint certification training center to gain in depth command over the technology.

Author Bio:

Chekoti Swathi, Technical graduate in computer science engineering, Digital Marketing professional at HKR Trainings. Aspires to learn new things to grow professionally. My articles focus on the latest programming courses and E-Commerce trends. You can follow me on LinkedIn.

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