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Does Hiring a Title IX Advisor Make Sense?

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Many young people file Title IX complaints during and after their school careers. If only they could look back on their college years as instances of growth and learning, good memories, and great friendships, people would be more satisfied. There is, however, a high incidence of sexual misconduct or harassment.

Although it is rare for a victim to seek professional assistance during a Title IX grievance procedure, the Complainant should seek expert advice when necessary to protect their civil rights. This is to make the process as efficient as possible. Only a professional Title IX advisor in Florida can offer students justice and validation.

However, you can compare some examples to demonstrate how unique Title IX Hearings are.

Scenario 1 – The Criminal Case

Consider the scenario of someone reporting a crime to the police after suffering the victim of that crime. An investigation is conducted by the police, who inform the District Attorney or County Prosecutor of their conclusions.

A case is then made against the defendant by the State. In pursuit of a successful prosecution, the State uses all its resources. Investigating crimes, conducting criminal forensics, conducting wiretaps, or making deals with accomplices in return for testimony can be part of detective investigations.

Rather than act as a witness, the victim merely provides a basis to charge the defendant with extra charges and provides some additional statements as evidence to support the case. Yet the burden of proof rests with the State to establish the defendant’s guilt. In most cases, a victim waits for justice to be served.

Scenario 2 – The Civil Case

Let’s say an elderly gentleman died, leaving behind a substantial estate. After that, all of his adult children, his current wife, and his ex-wife hire lawyers to negotiate over their share of the wealth.

The goal here is to achieve a win-win situation in which each party protects its

interest, and the winner gets the reward they want. This seems to be a natural practice, no matter how family politics affect it.

Each person must show that they are entitled to their share of the estate and are individually liable for it.

Scenario 3 – The Title IX Hearing

The school bears the burden of proving a violation of a school policy at a Title IX Hearing. However, the school is obligated to ensure that the rights of both the complainant and the respondent are respected.

It is not appropriate for the school to pursue an agenda or target anyone. The school can create a fair environment for both sides, but the burden of proof often appears to be on the complainant.

If the victim believes her version of the events is accurate, she may have to sue the respondent herself.

Your complaint will have a greater chance of success if you have a Title IX professional assist you in presenting it so that the Hearing Officer and other officials can perform their duties effectively.

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