Tips for Hiring a Tax advisor

5 Tips for Hiring a Tax advisor That’s Right for Your Business

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A good tax advisor is a person who can do taxes and advise you on structuring your business. There are a variety of tax advisors in the market, and selecting the right one is critical. Certified Accountants for business taxes helps you represent the IRS during audits.

Before hiring a tax advisor, or Business Tax Launceston expert business owners need to know their business needs. That may include setting up a business, bookkeeping, figuring payroll taxes, etc. A tax advisor can assist you in several ways. They can keep track of income and expenses and take care of all the paperwork.

Let us know five tips for hiring a tax advisor for your business.

Know your needs.

Before hiring a tax advisor, you must know the difference between a CPA and an EA or enrolled agent. A CPA can provide more extensive services along with preparing your taxes. An EA focuses on tax preparation and tax resolution.

The tax advisor must understand your personal needs. A CPA or firm must set clear expectations and their process of working. You need to prepare a list of services that your business needs. Your business may require a person to process your accounts payable and sales invoices, manage taxes, payroll, create monthly budgets, etc.

As a business owner, you need to understand your need for external and internal tax advisors. An external tax advisor helps in tax preparation, making financial statements, and solving financial problems. But, when your business starts growing, it becomes complicated for an external Tax advisor to keep track of your books. An internal tax advisor is an in-house accountant who manages your entire financial operations. They also help owners in payroll management, cash flow analysis, bank reconciliations, regular transactions, tax, and other financial aspects.

Ask for referrals.

After researching the above terminologies, you can move forward with the hiring process. Ask your friends and other business owners to recommend good tax advisors. You must make a list of questions to ask the individuals. These questions must include your business requirement.

Know the educational qualifications and experience of the tax advisor.

If you hire a CPA, make sure he has completed a four-year degree and is certified as a CPA. You need to go through their resume and see if it fits your business’s type of accounting. A Business working with technology must have a tax advisor with complex technical guidance.

Next, you can see if he has previous experience in your industry or business. An experienced tax advisor must know all the rules and regulations of taxation at federal, state, and local levels. Also, notice if the advisor has a specialized field of study that helps you in business accounting.

Compare the fees of tax advisors and availability.

Tax advisors may not provide you with the approximate fees they charge. But he can give you an estimation. Ask them if they charge per hour or have a flat fee covering all the services. Also, know the charges for add-on services throughout the year. Generally, they charge you a minimum fare and an extra charge depending on the complexity of your tax return. For better estimation, you can provide him with your last year’s tax return as a reference.

You need to ask the advisor if they are available throughout the year or only during the tax season. You need a person that fulfills your business needs. If your business wants an accountant to provide advice throughout the year, make sure you set clear expectations with the advisor.

Watch out for red flags.

You can have an open conversation with the tax advisors. If a tax advisor talks about cheating the IRS, he is not the right person for your business. This person can suggest you avoid reporting certain income. They make promises to get a refund to earn more money from you. Stay away from such frauds.

Once you go through all of these, you can hire a good tax advisor for your business.


Hiring a tax advisor that suits your business may look like an intimidating task. But, it is necessary to do proper research before hiring one. You need to meet different individuals and ask questions. An advisor is perfect only when he meets all your requirements and has a good client review.

You must prepare well before hiring a tax advisor for your business to save yourself from fraud. A little struggle, in the beginning, can save your money over time.

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