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Do These Things Before Giving Your Smartphone For Repair

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Our smartphones constitute the world for us, from our personal data to official all are imbibed in that rectangular device. And the thought of any mischief or misplacement with them scares our heads off, and this strikes a lot when we give our smartphones for repair.

Mobile phones are technological machines, prone to damage or malfunctioning. In such situations one needs to address a mobile service centre, but not to worry any more, here are few steps that need to be followed before you actually hand over your smartphone to the service centre.

Before sending your iPhone or Android phone to a repair centre, there are 3 things that you should perform –

  • Back-Up-Wire-Restore

To do this, pick up your phone and go to settings, go to storage and backup option, by clicking on this you will get your backup performed.

To wipe all the data, go back to your phone, go to settings and click on the reset option. By this you will get your data erased from the phone’s memory.

Generally, when you get back your phone from the repair shop you can restore your phone’s information just by clicking on the option “restore from a backup”. This will bring back your phone’s erased data.

  • Collect Correct Information From the Repair Technician

Having a conversation with a reputable person makes it easy for you to explain your issue with the smartphone. A qualified technician will provide you the correct solution for your smartphone’s problem. On the other hand, an inexperienced technician might get you into a complete new issue putting you into more expenses.

  • Tell the Complete Damage Story

It is important to tell the repair technician about every problem that has risen during your use. Make sure you spill out all the information regarding the damage to the repairer. It will help both the repairer and you to work on the problem easily.

After performing the above stated steps, do the below ones to further safeguard your phone-

  • Remove Accounts and Security Locks

Remove your counts and security locks from your smartphone that you are going to give for repair. This will help you save everything from any kind of misuse from any person.

To do this, go to settings > security and lock screen >lock screen  and then remove the PIN, pattern lock or any other stumbling block that you have added.

  • Remove Your SIM Card(s) / External Memory Cards

Before handing over your smartphone for repair, don’t forget to remove your SIM card from it. This may seem obvious but worth stating nevertheless. It is a good practice to keep the SIM ejector tool handy for such situations when you have to hand over your smartphone for repair.

If you have installed any external memory cards/ SD cards, it is highly advised to remove them before sending your smartphone for repair. These steps are essential to prevent sensitive phone data from being stolen or viewed by prying eyes.

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Data Protection for iPhone Users

The iPhone sets different criteria for backing up, wiping data and restoring the iPhone.

  • Back Up

To back up iPhone data using iCloud, Apple recommends –

  • Connecting a phone to a secure Wi-Fi network
  • Go to settings and tap iCloud.
  • Turn on iCloud backup
  • Tap “Back Up Now”

The phone should stay connected to the Wi-Fi network while the backup finishes. Another way is to turn on automatic iCloud backup.

To use iTunes as a backup method-

  • Connect the iphone to a computer
  • Open iTunes and follow the prompts
  • Select “Apple device” and click “Backup Now”
  • There is also an added option of encrypting your backup

Wiping Data

After your data is safely backed up, you can then wipe the data from your iPhone.

  • Go to settings app
  • Click “General”
  • Then click “Reset”
  • Then tap “Erase All Content”, it will take the phone back to the factory settings.

Restoring the iPhone

It only takes a few more steps to restore your iPhone after repair. To restore from an iCloud backup-

  • Go to settings, tap “iCloud”
  • Tap “storage’
  • Then tap “manage storage”

Choose a device listed under backups to see which one is the latest. Then go to settings > general > reset > erase all content and settings.

To restore from iCloud backup, go to the Apps & Data Screen > Restore > sign into the iCloud account.

For iTunes backup-

  • Connect the phone to the computer you backed the files
  • Select the device in the iTunes app
  • Click “Summary”
  • Click “Restore Backup”

How to Restore an Android Device?

The first step in restoring an android device is –

  • To sign back into your Google account.
  • Open the phone’s Settings menu
  • Tap “Backup & Restore” under the “Personal” section.
  • Then tap “Automatic Restore.

Backups can also be accessed through the Google Photo, Play and Drive apps for the additional files. If files were backed up to a computer, then connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable. Follow the prompts on the phone, then drag the files back to the phone using the file transfer windows.

Always Ask for Warranty

Always ask for a warranty on repairs before leaving the repair centre. It is crucial because if you have taken your phone back and the same issue pops up, then it will help you to strangle your pocket from spending more.

It is quite normal for any technology-driven gadget particularly smartphones, to show up with some fault at one point in time. But you have to be careful and smart with your mobile gadget before handing it over to the repair center in terms of data and information.

To Conclude

Gadget repair is not easy, and not everyone can manage to repair them at home. Some people surely have the skills to repair them, but most of the time they are handed over to the professionals. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that your smartphone is given to the right people who know the task in the right way, so that they may not be able to misuse the gadget or the information contained in it. We hope that this article will help you a lot with it.

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