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Different Training Programmes You Can Consider as a Headteacher

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As a headteacher, your own continual professional development is crucial for effective school leadership and management. Whilst your teaching qualifications and experience provide a solid foundation, participating in further training allows you to expand your skillset and stay up to date on the latest education strategies and best practices. Here are some worthwhile training programmes to consider:

Educational Leadership Courses

Formal courses in educational leadership, management, and administration can refine your abilities in key areas like strategic planning, financial oversight, HR processes, data analysis, and more. Look for programmes accredited by reputable bodies and delivered through a university or other established provider. A blend of online and in-person learning over 6-12 months enables you to fit study around your schedule. This is useful for both newly appointed and experienced heads aiming to develop their leadership approach.

Coaching and Mentoring Skills

Developing your coaching and mentoring capabilities helps you support professional growth in teachers and senior staff. Courses teach you how to build a culture of collaboration through motivational communication, active listening, goal setting, feedback, and reflection. A mentoring mindset strengthens relationships and empowers others to find solutions, take initiative, and realise their potential. Training equips you to formally or informally mentor colleagues.

Mindfulness and Wellbeing

As headteacher, nurturing your own health and well-being enables you to manage a demanding workload, lead by example, and promote staff and student welfare. Mindfulness training helps build resilience, calm, and focus when facing challenges. Courses introduce meditation, breathing, self-reflection, and nature connection practices to manage stress. Other options like yoga or Pilates also encourage mental balance alongside physical fitness.

Canine Assisted Learning

Specialised training to introduce a dog mentor programme offers an innovative approach to pupil well-being, relationships, and skills development. Courses from companies like The Dog Mentor cover the theory and practicalities of canine assisted learning, preparation of suitable spaces, dog handling, health and safety protocols, and designing engaging dog-led lessons and activities. With proper training and management, schools can benefit from a dog’s calming presence, positive stimulation, and role within social emotional learning. Make sure the programmes adhere to regulations on dogs in schools and animal welfare.

Subject Knowledge Enhancement

Periodically refreshing and extending your knowledge across curriculum areas ensures you can support and evaluate teaching standards. Subject-specific courses allow heads with a background in certain subjects to plug gaps and keep up with developments in unfamiliar disciplines. Boosting your own subject expertise inspires confidence in staff and students when observing lessons or talking teaching strategies.

Technology and Digital Skills

Rapid technological changes make digital literacy an essential area to develop as a headteacher. Training helps you utilise software, apps, and virtual tools to enhance school management, teaching practices, and pupils’ IT skills. Options range from short courses on using productivity software like Excel or data management platforms, to accredited programmes on implementing EdTech or cyber security strategies.

Investment in your ongoing professional training pays dividends for the entire school community. Evaluate programmes that build leadership capabilities, well-being, and subject knowledge so you can lead with confidence and meet evolving challenges. Consider how newly acquired skills and fresh perspective will translate to impact within your school. With an openness to learn, you can progress through each stage of your career.

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