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Drive Conversions: Why You Need A Business-Specific Domain Name

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Business-specific domain names are the perfect way to simplify site navigation whilst making it easy for search engines to understand your website’s content. Since the 2010s, the domain name system (DNS) has seen a massive influx of extensions that relate to specific business types.

With everything from .bike to .computer, .furniture and .pizza comprising the DNS, there is an endless wealth of options for businesses of all kinds to choose an extension that perfectly relates to their business. And, whilst the classics like .com and .org will always be hot DNS property, these business-specific extensions are making the waves with a range of benefits for websites.

Here are a few of them:

1. They are easily-memorable

When you buy domain names, you want them to be easily-memorable and instantly-recognisable. After all, the last thing you want is an extension that a potential customer hears and forgets on the way home – you’ve already lost yourself a sale! Instead, you should try to attain the most easily-memorable extension possible, which can easily be achieved through choosing one that is specific to your business.

For example, you run a surf school called “Sydney Swells”. You could use the classic, but wouldn’t it be easier to remember a sharp extension like “”? Not only does the .surf extension make it easy to remember what kind of business you operate, but the stylish alliteration furthers the ease of which your potential students will remember your site.

As such, a business-specific extension is perfect for making your potential clients remember your web address!

2. They have a stylish aesthetic

Classic extensions like .com and .org have always been highly desirable. But these days there are so many awesome options available at your disposal, the likes of which can complete your web address with a stylish, business-specific extension.

Take our Sydney Swells surf school for example. The would be a classic way to ensure that you have a typical extension that people can remember. But the .surf extension provides a more stylish aesthetic that creates a comprehensive, surf-specific web address, something your potential students will absolutely love.

3. They make it easy for Google to rank your site

Search engines like Google love it when they can easily comprehend what kind of content is found on a website. One of the ways they do this is through your web address. If you have a business-specific web address that then leads to a website with content related to that web address Google will find it easier to index your site and reward you with a higher ranking.

Let’s use our surf school for one last example. If you had the web address “” Google might be mistaken for thinking you operate a meteorology website or something regarding ocean behaviour. But if you have the “.surf” extension added to your website then Google will know your website contains surf-related content and likely rank your website higher!

It’s great for cornering your market

One of the best ways to stand out among the competition is to tell your customers exactly what kind of website you are operating through the open gate that is your web address. They will have little trouble remembering your address and love the fact that it is stylishly-related to your brand.

What’s more, search engines absolutely love a website that they can easily index and give priority to such websites. As such, a business-specific domain name could give you far greater leverage than if you were to use the likes of the generic .com, .net and all the others that, whilst powerful in their own right, do not directly relate to your business!

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