COVID Vaccine Certificate: Your Questions Answered

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As COVID-19 affected millions around the globe, the Indian government tried its best to protect its citizens by rolling out indigenous vaccines. These vaccines aimed to reduce the symptoms of COVID-19, eventually providing the needed protection to everyone. While almost all the citizens have taken the mandatory two doses, only some have downloaded the vaccination certificate.

For the uninitiated, it is valid proof by the Indian government that you have been partially or fully vaccinated. This vital document can help you enter public places where non-vaccinated people aren’t allowed.

It can also ease your travel vows, whether you’re traveling abroad or within the country. If you have done the cowin registration online during the vaccination drive, you can use the same cowin app to get your vaccination certificate. If you have questions regarding the importance of downloading a vaccination certificate and other relevant doubts, this article will answer all the common doubts.

Use of Vaccination Certificate

The primary use of the vaccination certificate was to act as reliable proof that the particular individual has been vaccinated against COVID-19. Once the globally imposed lockdown slowly started opening up, places like malls, restaurants, schools, etc., made it mandatory to allow entry to only vaccinated people. The vaccination certificate acted as reliable vaccination proof and allowed entry to people in most places. As COVID is still returning in waves in different countries, governments have decided to monitor the entry of people. If you plan to travel to a foreign destination, you may require a vaccination certificate to enter the country.

Since most Indians have already taken both mandatory vaccine doses, they can get a certificate containing information regarding both dosages. A vaccination certificate contains personal details of the vaccinated, like the name, age, gender, name of the vaccine taken, date of vaccine, etc. You can also view the certificate to determine whether you are eligible to take the booster dose. If your booster dose is due, you can take the vaccination certificate to your nearest vaccination center and take the booster dose. The certificate will then be updated digitally, and you can take a soft copy of the updated certificate.

Vaccination certification can be viewed as an entry pass since not all places allow non-vaccinated people to enter public places. This certificate can also help government officials identify vaccinated and unvaccinated people. If you want to ease things, download vaccine certificate today. This certificate can be downloaded using the cowin app, Umang app, Arogya Setu app, and Digilocker app.

Is it Mandatory to Carry a Vaccination Certificate Everywhere?

No, it is not mandatory to carry a vaccination certificate nowadays, but having one won’t create a problem either. You can download and store a copy of your vaccination certificate on your device and show it if necessary to enter a particular place. Alternatively, you can download the cowin or Arogya Setu app and show the vaccination details on the app if necessary. If the virus returns in another wave, the government may make the previous vaccination certificate mandatory while traveling via airplane, public buses, railway, etc., to prevent further spread.

Do Foreign Countries Accept Indian Vaccination Certificates?

Working professionals who frequently have to travel to other countries have this question. Fortunately, many countries accept the Indian vaccination certificate as a valid document. Countries like UAE, Italy, Belgium, Nepal, Kuwait, Maldives, Oman, and Saudi Arabia are some countries that accept India’s vaccination certificate. The Indian government is trying to expand this list of countries to ease international travel for vaccinated Indian citizens.

What are the Benefits of a COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate?

There are many benefits of vaccination certificates for both individuals and the government. Some top benefits of vaccination certificates include:

  • Reducing or eliminating your chances of quarantines when visiting a new location
  • Making it easier for government officials to track vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals
  • Allowing you to enter most places where unvaccinated people aren’t allowed
  • Ensuring the non-vaccinated are identified by government officials and vaccinated in time to prevent any further spread

These are some benefits that make lives easier for both government officials and people. If you have taken the booster dose, you can download the updated certificate for use. While the government hasn’t made it mandatory to take the booster dose yet, it is recommended to take it to maintain good health and prevent re-catching the virus.

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