Roofing Problems

5 Common Roofing Problems Homeowners Face

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The roof is one part of the house that homeowners often neglect or rarely consider. There is sometimes an assumption that it’ll be fine for a few decades and won’t need any repairs. However, that’s just not the case at all. It takes the brunt of the wind, the occasional fallen limb from a nearby tree, along with rain, hail, and sometimes snow too. As such, it stands to reason that some issues may arise periodically. Here are five common roofing problems for homeowners that need to be addressed.

  • Leaky Roof

A leaky roof signals that there is an issue. The problem here is that by the time the ceiling is dripping water or it’s traveling down an interior wall, it’s fairly serious. A qualified roofing contractor like Rock Solid Exteriors will be required to get up on the roof and inside the attic to confirm how bad the issue is. Likely at this point, the water intrusion from the top of the roof down has caused the insulation material to become damp, and roof repairs are necessary. Only a professional assessment will determine this though.

  • Downspouts Clogging the Gutters

When there is water flooding off the roof to the ground during a rainstorm, something is wrong with the guttering. Otherwise, water should be moving from the roof to the gutters and funneled to the drains below. The likeliest culprit is the downspout. This connects the gutter sections to the downpipe which feeds water to the drainage system at ground level. When this is either broken or clogged up, then water cannot enter and will overflow.

  • Blistered Roof Shingles

Roof shingles are prone to blistering under certain conditions. When excessive moisture is trapped, the shingle can increase in size and pop out of position. This is most commonly observed in hotter climates. Shingles have multiple layers, so should moisture penetrate one layer, its structure will deteriorate. Proper airflow and adequate ventilation systems within the roof are necessary to prevent this from occurring in warmer environments.

  • Damage from Falling Objects

Damage from falling objects causes considerable damage to roofs. The most common of these are stray tree limbs torn off during a storm that then come flying onto the roof. The impact alone can break shingles and expose the roofing structure below. However, not removing the branch can lead to it regularly shifting position during subsequent rainstorms or high winds, causing additional damage. Professional services like Tree Master (for tree removal) can help prevent such incidents.

  • Water Pooling

Any areas of flatter roofing are subject to water pooling and not flowing away. While this might seem innocent enough, it can cause long-term problems.

Moisture may build up beneath where the water pools. This can create mildew and other difficulties that are expensive to fix later. Ensuring all parts of the roof stand at an angle solves this one.

It’s sensible to check the roof periodically to look for any new concerns. Spotting them earlier is always better, especially as damage from water intrusion and roofing structure damage is expensive to resolve at a later date.

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