Glare-Free Step and Repeat Banner

Choose the Right Material for a Glare-Free Step and Repeat Banner 

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One of the most effective ways to promote a business is by using step and repeat banners. They are perfect for new and small business owners to meet the high standards set by their larger peers at trade shows, conferences, open houses, and other corporate appearances at special events. With the right design, size, and color, you can make attendees at the event notice your brand.

Fundamentals of step and repeat banners

These banners look glamorous, and they can generally be seen at sponsored business events, from red carpet walks to charity balls. If you examine them closely, a step and repeat banner consists of a series of business logos that are arranged in a specific pattern. Over time, these banners have evolved, and patterns combined with amazing design choices ensure their backdrops look stunning in event photographs. They come across as more elegant than being self-promotional, establishing them as a great option for special corporate events in people’s minds.

Every photo taken at a business event is a great opportunity to be noticed by many people on social media channels and in conventional print media. With these banners, you can display your business brand successfully. However, there is a point to note here, make sure your banner does not cause glare under the bright camera lights.

How can you avoid banner glares in pictures?

Choosing the right material for the step and repeat banner can reduce camera glare. You can go in for a fabric material that is matte for the event. If the banner material is too glossy, it will glare under the lights, which will affect the quality of the pictures taken. Fabric banners offer you a non-glare and lightweight option that looks stunning in pictures.

However, if you want to go with vinyl banners, consider adding white space between your business logos to reduce the glare from the bright camera lights.

There is another option to help you to reduce the glare of a white background that looks white by going in with subtle grey instead. When the photographs are taken, the step and repeat banner will look white, but it permits your business logos to pop out and reduce the glare.

The design of the banner should look even and smooth

Make sure the pattern or the cluster of business logos are repeated evenly and look smooth when viewed from a distance. The above can be tested by creating a small swatch of the pattern you wish to use and applying it as a background for your desktop using the tiled display settings.

Last but not least, when it comes to getting the best step and repeat banner, work with a quality printing company. Check their portfolio first before you hire them to create your banner. Some companies give you online resources to customize your step and repeat banner for any special business event. You can use their simple tools online to create stunning banner designs for any corporate event with success!

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