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How to Make Your Advertising Banner Last Longer and Yield A Better ROI

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Small businesses have a tough time raising their brand awareness and driving footfalls because they cannot afford to spend too much on advertising. When operating on a limited budget, making use of vinyl printed advertising banners can be a smart move. Not only can these banners be designed and printed according to your requirements but are quite affordable. Moreover, these banners, when chosen properly and maintained well, last for a long time. According to Forbes, branding is essential for small businesses to succeed.

Some tips for making your banners last longer:

Buy Superior Quality from Reputed Suppliers

The first and perhaps the most essential step in ensuring that your advertising banners last long is not to compromise on the quality. If you look around, you will discover many suppliers offering low prices for these banners. The reason is that the quality of the vinyl is poor, and the banner is made out of thin sheets that will tear faster or become brittle with use. Also, the quality of the printing as well as that of the inks used will be inferior leading to less sharp reproduction of the graphics and text. It will also fade faster in bright sunlight. It is better to buy a superior quality banner that will not only look better but also last longer.

Never Clean With Abrasive Materials

If you leave a vinyl banner outside for a long time, it is natural for it to accumulate a lot of grime that can make it look dirty. Instead of allowing a dirty banner to spoil your goodwill and brand reputation, you can remove it and give it a thorough cleaning. However, you must not make the mistake of using abrasive scrubbers to wipe the banner clean it they can cause permanent scratches that can spoil its looks. Use a microfiber cloth or a soft cloth with a mild soap solution to make the banner look new again. Avoid harsh household detergents as they can damage the colors and make them look dull and faded. Wash the soap off well with water and let it air dry.

Opting for a premium, smooth vinyl graduation banner ensures vibrant, crisp printing that resists fading over time, capturing all the excitement of your child’s special day in durable keepsake decor.

Store the Banner Properly

If you are planning not to use the banner for some time, you should take it down carefully. Clean the banner, wipe it dry, and let it air dry before storing it away. Never store the banner without letting it dry properly because it will start to stink soon and develop mold and mildew that is hazardous to health. When putting your banner into storage, you must never fold it since hard creases will develop that cannot be removed later. The best way to store a banner is to roll it with the printed surface facing inward so that it does not get scratched or fade due to exposure to sunlight. It is best to store it in a cool dry place with adequate ventilation.


By taking proper care of your banners you can extend their working life considerably. Even though they are made from a robust material, sometimes wrinkles can develop. Unrolling the banner and exposing it to bright sunlight will usually remove the wrinkles.

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