Bedroom Additions You Didn’t Know You Needed.

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Our bedrooms are our sanctuary for most of us, a safe and cozy space we can’t wait to get back home to after a long hard day of work. Unfortunately, with exhaustion being the number one drive to a good night’s knock-out session, falling asleep doesn’t come easy to everyone. Considering how demanding our lifestyles can be, it’d be great to drift off to sleep with the first tuck. So, before you check out the gazillion upscale gadgets touting sleep inducement from your cart, perhaps consider changing your beddings for quality sleep.

Bamboo Cooling Sheets: Are They Worth the Hype?

We’ve all gotten to a point where we were once so desperate for that quality night sleep that we’d buy anything hawked to us. Most times, those priced sleep items were a total waste, so why spend another chunk on sheets that might not even work, right? Bamboo cooling sheets are a godsend for those night sweats- these 400-thread count viscose sheets are breathable and sport bamboo’s exceptional cooling properties.

Directly derived from bamboo fiber, cooling bamboo sheets adopt the antimicrobial and dust mites’ resistance properties of their source, therefore a perfect fit for sensitive and allergen-prone skin. Also, the moisture-wicking feature of bamboo sheets not only makes them perfect for those summer nights but also builds on their durability. Even with years of use on them, bamboo cooling sheets are unlikely to show any signs of discoloration. Additionally, bamboo cooling sheets are 100% organic making them a sustainable option, and the oh-so-luxe feel of bamboo sheets will put you right to sleep.

Weighted Blankets- The Wrap with No Drawbacks.

Weighted blankets aren’t just a fad- these multi-layered blankets are fitted with glass beads, making them the ultimate upgrade from ordinary bedroom blankets. Like most blankets, weighted blankets offer a soft, cozy, and warm wrap; however, there is more to them than a comfy giant hug. How so?

  • Eco-friendly

Weighted blanket king size are made from 100% organic bamboo and cotton, making them a sustainable bedding choice.

  • Even weight distribution

The glass beads incorporated in weighted blankets are evenly spread in little pockets and sandwiched into the blanket’s layers, so they’re neither too heavy nor too light for use.

  • Durability

With weighted blankets, there’s a guarantee of years of use. In addition, they are manufactured with quality material with anti-leakage properties.

  • Temperature regulation

The glass beads fill technology in weighted blankets king-size, and bamboo fiber has cooling properties, making them the perfect combo for a comfortable night’s sleep.

  • Quiet Glass Beads Fill

King size weighted blankets sport little partitioned pockets where the glass beads are fitted to prevent any nuisance sound from the movement of the beads.


The REM cycle is a critical part of human development. When you are well-rested, you’re re-energized and fueled up to be more productive and lead a healthier lifestyle. Ideally, quality sleep is crucial and while individual sleep cycles differ, finding a balance is necessary. Investing in your sleep is one way to give your body that boosts its needs for a happy tuck away.

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