Avoid Cheap SEO Packages

7 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Cheap SEO Packages

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Cheap SEO Packages

If you think all SEO providers are ethical, then you should go for a second thought. Putting your money in cheap or pre-bundled monthly SEO packages from doubtful service providers could even make your business bleed.

SEO is not something that can be achieved with some easy-going templates. You can’t think of it as static. Rather SEO is effectively dynamic and the prospect of its success entirely depends on your business.

Successful SEO always calls for execution. For that specific purpose, it is very much wise to avoid cheap SEO packages.

Let’s talk about some reasons for avoiding such fixed-rate pre-bundled packages:

1. Seo Package doesn’t suit everyone

When you look for monthly SEO packages, one of the major factor to be considered here is the service provider and the advantages he is providing you.

This is the sign of danger to be honest, as everything here is commercial and the possibilities of success of these strategies over your business are not something that you can think of as promising. There can be chances that it was successful for one but the same result for you can’t be entertained due to the nature of your business.

Though we recommend avoiding SEO packages, in case someone has enough money to waste – he should know there are a huge number of variable that determines which package you should go for.

The very first thing comes the budget followed by the field you work in (and how much competition it has), then comes the status of your SEO and if there’s any penalty on you by Google. All this thing determines how much time and patience you need to keep going with your SEO. We don’t think monthly SEO packages consider such factor for everybody and change it according to one’s needs.

2. Harmful Pre-bundled SEO packages

Pre bundled SEO packages are the danger sign for your website. If you have already invested in such packages, possibilities are – you might get lured with the attractive pricing and the templates they are providing. Still, it’s not too late to go back and mend what you had ruined because one this is sure – you should avoid monthly SEO packages.

What we mean by cheap is – they are economical and ill-priced. With that comes low-quality. The main agenda for these packages had always remained to get as many clients as possible, with almost negligible concern over its results. Once they got a client, it’s all about the package. They leave the client on their own fate and keep looking to lure the new ones to fill their pockets. Time, patience, and money are the three pillars of SEO – that have always remained absent in the pre-bundled cheap packages.

3. Inferior link building

Link building is a matter of quality over quantity. If you want quality links, that calls for quality content without fail. A good SEO package never overlooks this concept, because google has strict guidelines over the link building. If you come up with poor quality content, Google won’t mind degrading your rank. If it’s link building, make sure of quality over quantity and this is a good reason to avoid the SEO packages that are economical.

4. It can affect your Long Term strategy

According to experts, patience is the key when it comes to search engine optimization.

Seo is not something that happens overnight, it has to be nurtured and done regularly to get what you want.

This is the very fact that SEO also calls for initial investment without promising any return for a considerable amount of time, that can cause problems to those who always wish for easy results.

Though the only thing you can see happening every day is – a ranking of your website, getting over the first page of google with respect to your dominating keyword is something you have to wait for.

Getting on the first page of Google is everyone’s sole purpose here. Those brands over the first page are getting more traffic than anyone letting their bank balance to reach new heights. All you have to do is religiously follow the SEO and wait for your turn to come.

We can say, this is also a probable reason for people to opt for cheap monthly SEO packages. They want to aim high right from their first hour, which is practically impossible. These packages give nothing but basic, something that is short term and doesn’t call for money. Thus avoid these packages as much as possible.

5. Compromising security of Business

You might have observed that the SEO providers with the cheap packages provide you with a fixed amount without even a single glance at your website. For sure, this is not a good sign to start with because this is not in your best interest. Keeping that in mind, if you allow them to have proper access to your sensitive data – This might hinder your security.

Investing in a cheap SEO package would give you great vulnerability to being attacked by hackers. If that package doesn’t ensure you with an effective management plan for security issues, there’s no one on the earth who can protect your sensitive website information.

6. No Accountability

The monthly SEO package providers are more leaned towards the business rather than going for good relations with their existing clients. The reason is their business model, they are designed to commercialize the concept of SEO rather than actually harness its capabilities for their clients. They don’t bother whether their client is getting the desired output of not, thus you can’t blame them for your decisions.

7. Irrelevant keywords

‘Masses’ are the center of this package system. They are for all. The package considers what are the average things needed in the particular niche to increase the possibilities of prospering (i.e) everything here is general and not specific as per the requirement of the business. This is a valid reason – why most of the keywords inside these packages are useless and won’t be used during its period.


We all are aware of the fact that how important these monthly SEO packages are in the ongoing business environment, but what’s important here is to stick to a simple formula of giving importance to quality over money.

When it comes to SEO this becomes really important, wherein the money wants to put in and the service provider you opt for is directly proportional to the result you are looking for.

This simply means that a cheap package would not be going to help you in any way, the reason being inferior content creation and links. This would cost you enough time along with the money you had put in.

If fortunate enough, this post will definitely help you in giving due importance to high-quality SEO in the coming time. If you follow this basic rule religiously, no doubt your content will be really looked after but also you are on your way to achieve those long term goals

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