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7 Trends You May Have Missed About Online Video Maker

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As time goes by, people are consuming more video than audio and text. It has led to the rise of so many trends that it is hard to keep up. If you are in marketing, then you know that social media sells. Your success on these platforms will depend mostly on how well you keep up with the trends.

To help people catch up with these trends, online video makers have come up in the recent past. They have revolutionized how we view and consume videos online. There are many trends to catch up with. Unless you are keen, you might miss out on a lot. Here are some of the trends you might have missed about online video makers.

Live Videos

Unlike in the past, where most videos were pre-recorded and uploaded onto social media, live videos are the latest trend. In a bid to seem relatable and honest, many people choose to do live videos. These videos are so popular that almost every video maker supports live videos on their platform.

Video Vlogging

Gone are the days when people would read and faithfully follow blogs. Many people now follow video bloggers, also referred to as vloggers. This trend has caught on so fast that many platforms offer vlogging space for creators. The move has also promoted video makers to come up with editing techniques that are easy and versatile.

Effects are being added to the video to make them stand out, and this is what makes a vlogger choose one video maker over another. Vlogging has made way for people who might want to put out content but do not have the skillset for writing. Videos are an easier way to communicate than words for many.

Virtual Reality Is Becoming a Trend

As people consume more content, virtual reality is also making a slow but steady breakthrough in streaming. Using VR makes viewers feel like they are a part of the video they are watching. The trend is being embraced, especially by gamers. Many more people want to experience this new trend. Apart from gaming, VR is being used in cinemas and by advertisers. They are an interesting way to get people to view a product or service, so they feel like they are in the location being advertised. The only downside to VR is the equipment and production costs to make the video.


In an era where creativity is key, animations are gaining popularity. There are many apps and software available online for anyone who might want to give animation a try. These have made videos easy to create. One does not need to be in front of their camera to create a video, and this is an answered prayer for shy people. The good thing with animations is that the creators control what images they want, and stunts can be done without anyone getting injured. To find an entertaining way to do this, just look at animated suits for a much relatable animated creation. Corporates have invested in these animations, and they can be seen in many marketing campaigns.

Personalized Videos Are Now a Thing

In the past, advertisers and marketers would use personalized emails and messages to lure clients. The trend is slowly shifting to personalized videos. While it may seem like many apps and software in the market can be used to create these videos without a hassle. The results from these videos have shown an increase in the number of people buying a product. It has made many marketers look into ways of exploiting this market.

Videos Are Now Search Friendly

SEO was known to focus mostly on blogs and websites. In recent years, this algorithm has changed to inclined videos as well. Thanks to captioning being added to the videos, it is now easy for AI to transcribe the tracks and know what a video is all about. In doing so, the videos can also be ranked alongside websites and pop up when a client needs information on what the video is addressing.

Mainstream Media are Using Videos To Reach People

There has been a long debate on whether video platforms are writing off mainstream media. Analytics have shown a decline in the number of people who pay for cable and an increase in those who are streaming videos and news online. To keep up with this competition, mainstream media has created online platforms to engage with the audience that prefers to get their information online. Any media station without an online presence in this day and age is bound to fail.

Online consumption and marketing are transforming the way we do things. If you are using any online platforms to market your product or service, you might want to know what trends are being used. In doing this, you will be better placed to use videos to your advantage and get the best results out of your online interactions. The right app or software for making videos will also come in handy for you. Take the time to figure out what would work for you and your needs before settling for it. Many video makers will allow you to have a few days free trial before you need to pay. If you can, take advantage of such platforms. Ensure to go for a video maker that meets your needs.

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