What are BPMN

What are BPMN or Business Process Modelling Notation and its benefits?

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As easy as it might look from the outside a business is a very complex system which might take a bit of experience or exceptional understanding of the trade to climb the ladder of success. One of the most important factors of a business is that it requires every little detail to be mentioned for it to function seamlessly and at its best. This is where BPMN comes in the picture as this is what helps give a definitive structure to your business that is easy to wrap heads around. Let us get into the details ahead in this article.

What is BPMN?

This is a flow chart for the process of a business, being a graphical representation, it helps to visually intake the whole working process of a business with ease. It gives the onlooker the required details of the step-by-step functions of a business and conveys relevant information about the various segments of a business. A BPMN depicts the three types of activities in a business, the start, the end and the intermediate with fine details.

The benefits of enterprise architecture are way too many and when you have BPMN simplifying things for you even more there is very little that you could as for while running a business that can similarly assist you.

The benefits of BPMN?

  • We have to understand that BPMN essentially breaks the large process into sub-processes that are much easier to understand, saving you from endless streams of problems.
  • The most obvious benefit of BPMN is to help you keep the process and scheme readable, as a business grows it gets more complex with the addition of every new department or process. BPMN helps keep this scheme simple by using the flow chart notation that is easily understandable.
  • The easy communication of process, as well as agility in the process, helps in taking advantage of business opportunities.
  • Helps identifies problems that might arise in a business process, also it comes in handy when reengineering a business process.
  • The organization helps in aligning the operation activity with the strategy of the business.
  • It enables consistent execution as it eliminates bottlenecks from business processes and streamlines the various process.
  • Easy communication of ideas with staff leads to better performance as the ideas are received much more clearly. This is as well a quick way to transfer knowledge in the simplest and easiest form that is easy to grasp and picture.
  • Eliminates guesswork leading to better decision making and assisting in every step of the process.
  • Changes are easy to fit in and understand assisting in risk-free experimentation that can help improve the overall process or strategy of the business.
  • Easy analysis of the process and better resource allocation to maximize efficiency leading to less waste of resources in a business process, be it capital, human or any other resource.
  • All the above-mentioned points give the business a competitive edge over the competition.

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