7 Reasons To Use A Mobile Stage On Your Next Event

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Unlike traditional risers, mobile stages offer versatility for various events. Whatever event you’re planning, there’s a mobile stage that will match your needs. These stages are portable and can be configured into different shapes, sizes, and forms.

If you’re planning your next event, mobile event staging might be a good option. The following are good reasons why you should consider this stage type instead.

1. Easy installation and setup

Mobile stages are fast and easy to install. We haul it, set it up, and then drive it away – that easy. This is ideal for venues that only allow limited setup and cleanup time.

In comparison, traditional stages may take days to dismantle. Meanwhile, mobile stages can be hauled away in as fast as 45 minutes. Even large ones can be driven away within the day. This translates to lower labor costs, too!

If you want to skip the headache of building traditional stages from scratch, you can try a mobile option instead.

2. Unlimited customization

Mobile stage rental can be customized to your liking. It can be configured with multiple levels, different shapes, and additional rigging. We can also put banners on top of the stage for easy branding for your event.

Aside from that, you can also request custom backdrops, LED walls, and more. Mobile doesn’t mean limited when it comes to what you can do on your event stage. There are so many elements you can maximize in this stage type.

3. Small footprint

One of the challenges with traditional stages is it requires extra ground space for anchoring and outriggers. However, not all venues have this luxury of space.

With a mobile stage, you don’t have this added footprint. This means that your audience can get up close to the stage, making your event more immersive and enjoyable. Also, the space you will save can be used for merchandise booths and other branding efforts.

4. Better safety

Our mobile stages are hydraulically operated, so everything is already locked into place. This makes it safer to operate and use during events.

We engineer each mobile stage to stand against strong winds, rains, and even hurricanes. The roof and truss can also support heavy rigging loads.

You can host your event with confidence knowing that the performers and audience are in good hands.

5. Easy to move

As mentioned, mobile stages are easy to move in and out of the venue. This is a great option for those who are planning last-minute events and can’t afford days’ worth of installation.

It will save you from venue costs as well as labor fees. This is also ideal for venues like parks, public squares, closed roads, and so on.

6. Convenient permits

Unlike traditional stages, it’s easier to secure permits for a mobile stage. Depending on the location, you won’t be required to secure a building permit and tons of other documents.

Mobile stages are not permanent fixtures, so it’s less likely to cause damage to the venue. This is why many venue managers find this stage type favorable.

Overall, mobile stages will cut your paperwork and save you from a lengthy approval process. This translates to more time to focus on other aspects of your event.

7. Flexible pricing

Lastly, mobile stages have flexible pricing, depending on the size and rigging that you need. It’s easy to fit into your budget compared to traditional stages.

In general, it’s more affordable to rent a mobile stage. Also, you don’t have to pay too many people to set up and dismantle the stage after use.

With that, mobile stages are more practical for one-day events. And if you want to save money from multi-day events, mobile staging solutions are also a good idea.

Book high-quality mobile stages

Mobile stages suit all types of events. And if you’re looking for a reliable provider, Rent For Event is the smart choice.

We are a full-service event production company that can provide all types of staging needs. Our large inventory of mobile stages is perfect for all event sizes. We can also customize your stage to make your vision come to life.

All our mobile stage rentals come with complete delivery to breakdown. We will also have a tech team to monitor your event for hassle-free staging solutions.

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