How to manage your business

How to manage your business in the remote age

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The increasing adoption of remote working practices over the past three years has unlocked an entirely new approach to managing your business. Still, it has brought a handful of challenges, too.

These hurdles include learning how to lead a team you don’t see in person every day (or never see), organizing various online systems like cloud applications and work platforms, and learning how to make the most of a far larger talent pool.

Overcoming these difficulties can grant your business a huge array of potential benefits. It enables you to make your internal workflows far more efficient, save vast amounts of money on overhead costs, allow you to choose cheaper and more talented employees, and operate your business from the most beautiful locations on earth.

To do this, you should consider using cloud management tools like an API platform to make managing daily tasks easier, adopting a more global perspective regarding recruitment, and opening a strong communication channel between you and your remote employees.

This is how to manage your business in the remote age:

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Use a SaaS API platform

One of the steepest challenges you will face when running a remote business is managing the various cloud platforms that help your company function.

There can be no doubt that cloud applications can make running a remote business far easier. They provide a safe place to store your data, allow your team to easily access and share files, and enable collaboration and full visibility throughout the company.

However, keeping track of these various applications, ensuring they correspond with each other properly, and constantly updating them to maintain performance and security can quickly become a nightmare.

Not only does it leave you vulnerable to cyber-attacks, but it can cause your productivity to nose-dive and force you to abandon more pressing corporate issues.

To solve this problem, you should consider using an API gateway SaaS. This will help you manage and automate your cloud applications, streamlining your internal workflows in the process.

Make use of global talent

A benefit of running a remote business that is rarely mentioned is the ability to hire the best talent available.

When a brick-and-mortar office restricts you with a real-world address, you are forced to hire talent from the surrounding areas.

This severely limits your ability to hire the best talent possible. If your office is in a remote or undesirable location, the finest talent may not either live nearby or wish to relocate to suit your requirements.

Similarly, if you operate in a busy city like New York or London, you will likely be awash with competitors who can all steal the best candidates before you have a chance to recruit them.

Instead, by recruiting remote workers, you can search the internet for the best (and most cost-effective) candidates available from around the world. This can massively improve the collective skill set of your staff.

Create a strong channel of internal communication

A fear that many business leaders have about remote work is that internal communication will break down, productivity will wane, and the company will crumble.

This is an apocalyptic scenario, but the sentiment is understandable. To prevent it from happening, make a conscious effort to check in with your team regularly and make it standard practice for your team to hold meetings each week.

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