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7 Popular Eyewear Trends To Follow In 2021

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With the temperature rising and days becoming longer, it is the perfect time in the UK to put your best looks forward.

London fashion week has ended recently so it’s time we hit refresh and embrace the many fashion trends that summer 2021 has brought us. The fashion week has taken our attention to the eyewear trends that will define British street style in 2021.

Which glasses are in style? To tell you honestly, this year, style is all going to be about comfort, elegance, confidence (and loungewear).

If you love wearing glasses, trust us, this season’s eyewear styles will only inspire you. Do you doubt it? Let us change your mind.

Clear frames

These mood-boosting frames have already taken over the streets of the UK. Highlighting your beautiful facial features and lighting up your face, these clear frame glasses are sitting well among both men and women.

Whether you are dressing up for a date night or want to make a subtle fashion statement, these glasses will ace the job. The see-through frame body will let you style this fun accessory with everything from shirt dresses or chino shorts and polo shirts for effortless styling.

Anyone can wear this style as transparent frames flatter every face shape and skin tone. Try out these glasses in warm tones to give a warm hug to your summer outfits.

Thin rim frames

There is nothing more elegant than a beautiful frame with a thin rim. Ultra-thin and super-light metal frames in silver or gold lend you an intelligent and stylish look.

The iconic frame style is available in this season’s top eyewear shapes so you can get different pairs of them for different occasions.

Pair these elegant beauties with plain colours and you will look nothing less than a social media influencer. Pastel tones in soft lavender or cool mint will create a coordinated look and elevate your overall aesthetics.

Round retro frames

The nostalgic appeal of round retro glasses is also making a mark in 2021. And there are different ways to style this accessory. Get them in an oversized frame to flaunt your free spirit or get them in tiny silhouette to channel your inner Harry Potter.

To get a more playful spin, try out vivid frame colours in round glasses. The vintage appeal of these glasses will strike the onlookers with your impeccable sense of fashion and make any outfit 10 times cooler.

Those with sharp features and angular face shapes should definitely go for this chic eyewear trend this year. Pair these frames with your street style clothes or semi-formals to look like a celebrity.

Cat-eye frames

Cat-eye is a forever shape. This year, cat-eye frames have undergone a modern makeover where the shape has become more narrow to give a more dramatic and bold appeal to your glasses.

Cat-eye frames are sassy but serious. Whether you are seeking a hipster makeover or a business smart look, this frame can be made into anything you want. To make a bold fashion statement, try out cat-eye glasses with exaggerated rims and sharp angles.

Even if you want to show off your sense of style at work, you can do this with modest frames in cat-eye shapes. Make sure you stick to neutral shades so they pair well with your office attire.

Colourful frames

Face coverings do not leave much room for style. So, to make a bold fashion statement or catch attention, you need frames that are different from your regular glasses. Having beautiful colours on your frame is the way to inject fun into your look.

Go for multicoloured frames or tortoiseshell glasses as they make styling a lot easier. Pair them with different outfits and experiment with different summer looks.

From your street snaps to glam makeovers, these charming colourful frames will elevate your appearance no matter what you are wearing.

Oversized frames

If you are born to stand out, oversized glasses will help your case. With their bold aesthetics and over the top designs, you will never go unnoticed if you are wearing a large frame.

It’s up to you whether you want to keep it minimalistic to go all-in on this style. Choose between chunky acetate and thin metal rims for your oversized glasses and add a punch of style to your look.

Chunky Square Glasses

For the days when you are not feeling the best version of yourself and don’t want to put hours into styling, a big bold chunky square frame will elevate your spirit and appearance within seconds.

Get them in vivid shapes and a mix of different colours to get a glam statement. Designed with acetate, these glasses are highly durable and hypoallergenic. Pair them with your laid back outfits and get a stylish makeover with your casual wear.

What are you waiting for? Hop onto these eyewear trends and take your style from drab to fab. Shop online to get a variety of frame options and choose the best one that complements your face shape and sense of style.

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