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10 Best Ways to Celebrate Birthday in Lockdown

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Times are tough, but tokens and inches of happiness are all we need during this time to stay healthy and active. People have refrained from giant celebrations for almost more than a year now, and it is understandable.

Celebrating birthdays is especially hard for the birthday boy or girl; seeing the condition of the pandemic and having lost many close ones and it is unnecessary to push them towards a happy birthday when all they want to celebrate is gratefulness for having the opportunity to celebrate one at all. So today, we will discuss how to celebrate or create.

A birthday party for a loved one inside the house for your close family member without doing much that makes them uncomfortable. It will include many activities to be done at home to avoid contact from anybody outside, and a lot of burdens will fall on the shoulders of the person managing it all.

But hey, it’s your loved one we are talking about; no amount of work is too much to make them feel loved, grateful and special on their big day. This year many instances of people not wanting to celebrate their birthdays in the grandest ways have been witnessed, and we totally understand and are on board with a low key but memorable birthday party. And if you are too, hop on and let’s get started.

The cake is a must

Get online cake delivery in Delhi or wherever else you reside, especially if you think making a cake is behind your capability. Cakes are the essence of birthdays, and it sure is incomplete without cutting one. Take some liberty and get a cake.

Midnight wish

Wish the birthday person at midnight. People set alarms and stay awake till the clock strikes right and wish him a hurrah and a spirit of positivity and love.

Handmade cards

Utilise the day when sitting at home to make handmade cards for the birthday guy, and you can find creative or humorous as you like with it. You can draw, paint, write and do more.

Kheer or custard

Make kheer or custard for your loved ones on their birthday, especially if the cake is not being ordered or the person is old and more in love with kheer than cake.

Their favorite lunch

Cook what they like and dedicate the cake to them. Don’t make things that they dislike or appeal to as more party-like to you. It can be the most fibre dishes but as long as they like it is the thing you should go for.

A mini get-together

Hearing this, it may seem like we are calling for a mini party. Still, it’s more about all the family members sitting together because with the increase of social media, technology and work sitting with each other has become a dream.

Tea and coffee time

Make tea and coffee in the evening like you usually do but don’t drink it in your rooms individually like you do every day. Instead, sit together and have a laughter-filled time.

King and queen-like feels

Make the birthday boy or girl feel like they are the real king and queen for the day, or make it a week-long thing and give them a shout out for a period of seven days where everything happens as they say and like.


Sitting at home with nowhere to go, it isn’t easy to find ways of entertainment. Antakdhari, on the other hand, can help you have a jolly time with each other by playing songs and singing yourselves in competition too if you may like.

A spree of I love you

Keep telling them how much you love them. We never do it enough to our loved ones anyway, and it is only fair that we begin a spree of I love you for our loved ones on their big day.

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