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6 Relationship Truths Every Empowered Woman Should Know

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Even in the age of the empowered woman, women still go through so much in order to keep their relationships happy, healthy, and harmonious – too much, really. They bend over backward, trying to be everything to everyone – model-beautiful, successful, charming, sweet, and all the rest of it. It’s no wonder so many simply forget to take care of themselves, too.

Being a terrific sugar baby is about more than simply keeping your sugar daddy happy and making sure he’s satisfied with your relationship. It’s also about respecting yourself and remembering what’s really important. Start by internalizing these essential truths every empowered woman should know.

  • Self-love isn’t selfish

The vast majority of the sugar daddies you date will eventually come and go. And there’s nothing wrong with that, as it’s simply the reality as far as today’s dating scene goes. Your relationship with yourself, on the other hand, is forever – absolutely guaranteed – so it’s crucial to love and respect yourself.

It’s a common misconception that loving yourself makes you narcissistic or selfish. True narcissists merely feign self-love in the hopes that it will hide how awful their self-esteem really is. People who are filled with love for themselves are humble, are kind, and have an immense capacity for loving other people.

  • All relationships benefit from ground rules

Another common misconception most people seem to have about relationships is that loving someone means being happy to let them do whatever they want and behave how they please. It’s based on a myth that unconditional love actually exists in romantic relationships when it absolutely doesn’t.

Happy, healthy relationships are based on mutual respect and trust, and setting ground rules that both parties agree to and follow is an essential part of that. Many more enlightened relationship models – like sugar dating – not only acknowledge this fact but embrace it. So don’t be afraid to set boundaries in your relationships and expect your partner to respect them. It’s a game-changer.

  • Comparison is the death of joy

If you’re like most people, you at least occasionally fall into the trap of comparing yourself to other people – your looks, your job, your relationships, and all the rest of it. You probably also go out of your way to publicly portray your own life as much closer to perfect than it actually is. Well, so does everybody else.

The truth is that everyone is unhappy with their lot in life sometimes. Everyone has relationship troubles or struggles with their self-image sometimes. The key to relationship happiness isn’t to try to make your relationship measure up to what you think you see around you. It’s to cultivate a relationship that makes you grateful for what you already have.

  • There’s always room to improve

Just as there’s really no such thing as a happy relationship where there are no ground rules, there’s no such thing as a relationship that’s so great that the two people involved can just stop working on improving it. Every relationship can be better, and even the best ones require ongoing maintenance and dedication to stay fantastic.

Having better relationships also means striving to be the best sugar baby and person you can be. It’s always possible to be a better listener, better at planning for the future, and better at respecting both yourself and your partner as much as possible.

  • Self-acceptance and self-honesty are key

Although it’s always possible to be a better partner and a better person, in general, it’s really not possible to change the core of who you are. Being a different person wouldn’t guarantee you a perfect relationship. So instead of wishing for the impossible, accept who you are as an individual instead and learn to work with it.

That starts with being honest with yourself about who you are and what you need from your sugar daddies. Figure out what’s most important to you in life, own it, and refuse to settle for relationships with sugar daddies who can’t appreciate your uniqueness.

  • Pay attention to your gut

Although it’s important not to be entirely led by your emotions, you shouldn’t ignore them, either – especially when something deep within you tells you something isn’t right. Always listen to your gut when it tells you a sugar daddy isn’t treating you right, being honest with you, or otherwise operating as he should within your relationship.

The same goes for your instincts as far as how you should be managing things on your end. If your heart and gut tell you to try harder or give more, do that. And if they tell you it’s time to throw in the towel and go find a sugar daddy who’s better for you, do that, too. Great relationships are ultimately what you make them, after all.

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