Marketing Tips For Travel & Tour Businesses

Marketing Tips For Travel & Tour Businesses

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The most important part of owning a travel and tour business is marketing. Managing your travel website, blogs, articles, social media accounts, and emails – there’s always something for you to keep working on!

The competition in the travel and tour industry is rough, and new businesses keep popping up now and then. Every one of those businesses would want to be selling more than they already are. Many of them lose their focus while they try to win their share of customers, and instead of getting new travellers for their business, they forget their goal.

This article will help you bring the business you had hoped for. When you look at your marketing plan for the year, consider these tips that are sure to do the trick.

Take a good look at your website

Your website is where travellers will come to know more about your travel business. So, take a good look at your website and see how you can make it better than it already is. No matter how good it looks, there is always room for improvement in areas such as user experience and conversion rates.

You can consider these factors while maintaining your website –

  • Is it up to date?
  • Does it take time to load the pages?
  • Is there any useless travel content on the website?

When travelling, people browse more on their mobile devices. So don’t forget to remodel your website to make it run on every device.

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Google also plays an important role in driving traffic to your website and helping people find your tour and travel business. Incorporate SEO techniques in the content you upload on your website. Use tools that will help you find the ‘most used search terms or keywords’ and use them in travel blogs and articles you write for your website.

Focus on the promo video of your business

A promo video is an opportunity for you to explain your business in a short and informative way. Make an impressive promo video for your travel business. You can use a promo video maker. There are plenty available on the internet. These will help you create an attractive promo video in just a few minutes! You can also use a video clip or photos of your travel or a client’s while making these videos.

Maintain a variety of posts on all your social media platforms

Post frequently and stay active on your social media platforms. In order to gain more followers and viewers, post a variety of content such as new travel deals, destination highlights, packing tips, holiday posts, and travel industry news! This will keep your followers engaged and may help you gain new ones.

  • To maintain consistency, consider setting a theme for each day of the week, like Travel Tip Tuesday.
  • Share attractive pictures and video posts from your travel or a client’s travel. Use short and attention-grabbing captions with the posts.
  • Share other supplier travel website’s content on your pages regularly.
  • Subscribe to emails from other travel publications such as Travel Weekly to share their content on your page.

Stay as active as possible on your social media pages. So that when travellers visit your pages for content, they would have something new to see. They may even follow you if they like the content, so create engaging posts.

Keep your travel website active as well. Upload blogs and articles regularly. Write about topics that would benefit the travellers the most, such as Packing Tips For Your Next Trip or Essentials When travelling To A Cold Place.

Increase social media engagement with followers

Engage with your followers on social media. Travellers of every age group use social media to get information on new travel deals, travel packing tips, or to browse through other traveler’s experiences. Use images, videos, and questions to start a conversation with your followers.

Listening to their queries, experiences, comments, and feedback will help you create better travel packages and trips in the future.

Highlight the benefits of your services and products

Competing with your competitors may not get you the desired results, but focusing on promoting your unique services or products will. Ask your existing customers to leave a review or feedback of their experience travelling with you.

Your happy clients will gladly do it. Post the reviews and feedback on your website. When new travellers visit your website, the reviews and feedback will create a positive impact on them.

Use Video Marketing

Reading travel blogs is one thing, but travel videos bring a whole new experience. A report by Hubspot revealed that a page where both text and video content is available, about 72 per cent of the users opt for the video to know more about the service or product.

Nowadays, it is possible to create a high-quality video at a low cost. All you need is a little bit of creativity and the right video maker tool. Record video clips of your tours and travels, holidays, how-to-pack guides, destination reviews, or anything that works for your business.

Optimize your travel videos to make sure people watch them for as long as possible. You can upload the videos on your YouTube channel or other social media pages. Or you can upload them on your website and create a backlink to your YouTube channel.

Work on your mistakes

Learn from your marketing mistakes. Keep a tab on what worked for you and what didn’t. Work on the tour and travel marketing aspects that didn’t work well. For instance, if you offer multiple travel packages, find out which ones were bought the most and why. And then find out the ones that didn’t. Improve your travel package details so that more people opt for them.

Create an experience survey and circulate it among your existing clients via emails. You can add questions like ‘where they heard about your travel business’, ‘which part of the tour they liked’, ‘which part they didn’t like’, or ‘how can the tours be improved’ on the survey. With this information from your clients, you can make your business better in the future.

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