Gemstones to Balance your Emotions

5 Gemstones to Balance your Emotions

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Crystal healing is an ancient pseudoscientific practice that aims to balance and maintain physical, mental and spiritual well-being through the use of precious stones and crystals. The core belief of this alternative-medicine practice is that diseases are signs of an energy imbalance. Although there is no evidence of efficacy or clinical usefulness of the method, gems and stones have been used consistently throughout history to restore the inner balance, strengthening and developing the subtle energies of the body itself.

After all, sometimes, medical treatments are not needed. Think about the repetition of mantras, one of the best natural remedies for sleep disorders. It has a direct impact on your mind, and it’s very, very personal.

Going back to our topic of the day, keep in mind that not every gemstone is the same. Each of them has its properties, suitable for different individuals, moments or situations. In particular, today, we are going to talk about five gemstones used to balance emotions. We like to believe that all these stones can emanate positive vibes, helping us purify our feelings.

And remember: when choosing a gem, listen to your heart and don’t be fooled by appearances. Beauty is not all that matters, and you need to “feel” the right gemstone for you.

Lapis lazuli

This deep-blue metamorphic stone greatly stimulates the intellect and helps to overcome shyness. Not surprisingly, lapis lazuli jewelry is trendy among professionals whose job requires a massive mental effort and those who want to make new friends and establish public relations.

Above all, lapis lazuli helps people who struggle to make decisions and face radical changes in their lives by relaxing and improving self-confidence.


This mineral gives composure as it balances the emotions. Those who are always tense and tend to have disturbing thoughts should always carry one of these stones.

The same goes for those who are hypersensitive and too impulsive. Chalcedony allows people to have a balanced vision of reality, teaching them to give the proper importance to life situations and react in the best way, without giving in to anger.


Chrysocolla is a stone with feminine energy around it. Therefore, it is excellent for women and, in the Middle Ages, it was said to facilitate childbirth and promote good gestation.

More in general, Chrysocolla has a strong rebalancing effect in very emotional people who tend to have sudden mood swings. In short, this crystal is perfect for those who are excessively humoral. It restores the balance between physical and psychic energies, allowing you to express what you want and communicate your thoughts effectively and clearly.


Turquoise is a stone with great protective powers. Said to dispel negative energies, this crystal inspires new ideas and helps achieve reasonable control of emotions.

Birthstone of December, Turquoise is a powerful antidepressant, a particularly relevant feature in today’s times. Moreover, it stabilizes extreme moods, reduces the tendency to victimize, protects overly sensitive individuals from external influences, and promotes intuition.

Pink Quartz

Our last gemstone in this list is a variation of Quartz, one of the most precious crystals out there. The January birthstone promotes self-esteem and helps to regain self-confidence. It also dissolves emotional blocks, mainly if caused by sentimental trauma or abandonment.

Most importantly, pink Quartz helps love without fear and relieves the pain of love wounds, mitigating the suffering and the sense of loneliness.

However, it is also particularly indicated for those who tend to be rather aggressive, irritable, rude, intolerant, selfish, or even hypersensitive.

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