Instagram Post Ideas for Business

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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about Instagram posts?  An app designed for sharing photos and videos right? Well, what if we told you there was more to this app than pictures and videos?

When it comes to boosting your business presence, Instagram as a marketing tool offers a lot more than you might be aware of. From offering expert advice on customer issues to fostering long-lasting relationships with your customers, there are lots of things you can accomplish with this social media platform.

And if you’re not aware of how else you can utilize Instagram to boost your online presence and increase your customer reach, here are 10 great ideas for you to try out.

10 Great Instagram Ideas for Improving Your Business

1. Go Live With Your Followers

Posting quality images and videos is great but ever wondered how your customers would feel if they got to engage with you and your brand? And we’re not talking about just replying to their comments.

Once in a while, start a live video to interact with your customers. This also allows them to feel your presence in real-time. It’s like a video chat but with thousands of your customers worldwide! This is a great way to improve your customer engagements.

2. Make Use of Hashtags

Let’s face it; an Instagram post is “naked” without hashtags. The use of hashtags allows users to search and discover new brands and products online. Therefore, hashtags are very important on Instagram for boosting your online presence.

But this doesn’t translate to you using every hashtag you can think of, oh no. Concise use of hashtags is pivotal for attracting the right customers. Make sure to use hashtags that are relevant to your brand, let them relate to what customers are searching for, and make sure not to overdo the whole hashtag thing.

3. Set up Online Contests

The whole point of engaging in social media is to boost your brand presence and become popular among the locals as well as customers far and wide. What better way to do this than setting up contests that attract customers to your page? It’s also great for advertising your products and gaining more Instagram followers. What’s more? Instagram lets you make money by giving stuff for free online. Jackpot! All you have to do is come up with an exciting and creative contest with prizes that will definitely have customers trooping to your brand page.

4. Let Your Customers Know Your Location

The last thing any customer wants is experiencing difficulties in locating your brand store. So take advantage of Instagram to display your location for all of your customers to see. This helps them to locate your store, or stores, with ease, especially if your building is hidden within other buildings.

All you have to do is post a good quality image of your store and tag it with the location and description. Showing them images of your front door and parking spots gives them a sense of ease, knowing that they’re in the right place. The last thing you want is a lost customer.

5. Let Your Customers Serve As Marketers

This means encouraging your followers to tag a friend.  This approach can be used when advertising your products or organizing contests. This way, customers can tag a friend in the comments section of your post, whom they think would greatly benefit from your products.

This strategy is a great cheat code for introducing new customers to your brand. But this kind of approach has to be moderated to avoid looking you’re out on Instagram to spam for followers.

6. Offer Life Hacks

Your Instagram posts are meant to promote your brand but this doesn’t mean you should limit your page to advertisements and all that. Have you got any tricks or life hacks just dancing in your head? Let them out so your followers too can learn about them.

This is great for getting more engagements as customers will always be curious to know what fine tricks you have for them in your next post.

7. Build on Your Customer Relationship

Instagram is a photo-sharing app so how do you improve the relationship with your customers? It’s simple; never ignore the comments section, never.

Here, you can provide answers to the most pressing questions from your customers. You also know the issues they are encountering and proffer solutions to these problems. When customers feel that their voices are heard, they begin to trust your brand and this goes a long way to turning followers into loyal customers.

8. Influencer Marketing

A good way to add some extra credibility and popularity to your brand is to partner with Instagram influencers to come up with brand new content.

Wouldn’t it be great to partner with a well-loved influencer to add some extra gloss to your Instagram posts? This way, you attract even more customers and keep them excited about your brand page.

9. Show a Sense of Humor

In the same way, you can’t read through a long post without getting bored for lack of comic relief, your customers should be aware that you possess fun humor and a knack for jokes. Short but simple, witty captions should do the trick.

10. Inspire and Motivate Your Followers

Life gets tough sometimes and everyone could use a bit of motivation once in a while. Motivating your customers with inspirational posts and quotes projects your brand as more humane and relatable.

Take a break from selling and encourage your customers with uplifting posts. This lets you create a personality that makes people want to identify with your brand.


If you weren’t already aware of Instagram being more than a photo-sharing app, then this post has opened your mind to the different possibilities of the social hub.

Other ways to gain followers include doing giveaways, building brand awareness, making use of gifs and Instagram stories as well as creating user-generated content

Knowing how to fully utilize Instagram, which is the most engaging social media platform; helps boost your brand presence without breaking a sweat.

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