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What To Keep In Mind Before Booking A Marriage Hall!

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Finally, the day is about to come, when you and your partner make it official in front of friends, family and God. No wonder you are all excited and pepped up to make it a perfect event. You’ve got the date fixed, and now you are onto the second biggest task of planning a wedding – finding one of the best wedding halls in Chennai that suit your needs.

The venue is a crucial element. It is the very foundation of a successful celebration. Pick the wrong choice, and everything goes left, right and centre. Pick the right choice and everything moves according to plan. To put it in basic terms, the hunt for a wedding hall requires careful attention. And that attention is needed long before you even think of booking the hall in Chennai.

That’s the topic of today. What do brides and grooms need to keep in mind when choosing a wedding venue in one of the busiest metros in India?

1. Make Your Guest List

The first step, before you begin shortlisting all the best wedding halls in Chennai, is to prepare a guest list. The list need not be very accurate, but it should give you a ballpark figure. When you have an estimate of the number of guests who will attend the wedding, you can book a venue accordingly. For instance, you fall in love with a wedding lawn that has a capacity of 100 people, and you book it right there and then. Now if your guest list is 300 invitees long, you won’t be able to fit them in such a tiny space!

A guest list helps you weed down venues that are not suitable for your gathering size.

2. Make Sure It Is Available

There are two wedding seasons in India with very few auspicious dates. It means most of the best wedding halls in the city are booked well in advance. So, before you set your heart on a venue, find out if it is available for your wedding dates. There is no use putting in all the effort of booking a site only to find out that it is not available for your preferred dates!

3. Find Your Budget

Weddings are an expensive affair, particularly when you don’t define your financial limits. So, after you have an approximate figure on the number of people invited, create a rough budget. This number is your boundary beyond which you will not pay to rent a venue. Now that you have an estimated budget pick all the sites that fall within it and reject all wedding halls that are far above it.
Adhering to budgets is hard when organising a wedding. The trick is to include a buffer so that even if you stretch a bit, the overall cost remains within your means.

4. Ask For Pricing

There will be some venues that are slightly above your budget, but you find them the apt place for your wedding. What do you do in such a case? You ask for quotations and packages from all venues. This is helpful in two fronts. One, it lets you compare different wedding spaces and select the one with the best deal. Two, it gives you leeway to negotiate with the venues.

Remember, vendors are ready to discount or decrease their prices, especially if the wedding party is big or the date is off-season. Thus, if the first quote by the wedding hall is more than your set limit, bargain with the managers and try to reduce it.

5. Find Its Suitability

The last step to take before you book a venue is to consider its suitability. Does it have enough rooms to accommodate your guests? Is there a lawn for day ceremonies? Does it provide parking? Are the catering and décor vendors in-house or third party? At this stage, when you are just listing down possible option, you need not go into details, but a basic idea is necessary. It will tell you if the venue fits your needs or not.

These were the five essential things a bride and groom should consider before they finalise a wedding venue in Chennai.

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