Bus Accidents

10 Most Common Causes of Bus Accidents

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Many passengers and pedestrians in the country suffer serious injuries or die in bus accidents each year. According to the Journalist’s Resource, there are approximately 63,000 buses involved in at least one accident in the U.S. Since buses carry many passengers and are heavy vehicles, they can leave behind many victims when they cause an accident. Depending on the severity and nature of the accident, bus accidents can cause injuries, ranging from minor damages and severe bodily trauma to death.

Common Bus Accident Causes

When you experience property damage or bodily injuries in an accident involving a bus or lose a loved one in a fatal bus crash, it will help if you investigate to understand what led to the accident to know the responsible party. Several factors are likely to trigger a bus accident. But there are common causes of bus accidents, including:

  1. Drunk Driving

It’s an offense to drive while intoxicated in the U.S. But some drivers use alcohol or drugs that impair their judgment. When drivers are under alcohol or drugs, they can likely cause an accident by not focusing on the road accordingly.

  1. Negligent Driving

Bus drivers can cause accidents when they drive recklessly. Driving while fatigued, speeding, distracted driving, etc., are among the forms of negligence by bus drivers that can lead to accidents. According to HG.ORG, negligence may happen in numerous ways. But the removal of defects, general apathy in maintaining buses, and the lack of undertaking regular repairs are the main common ones likely to lead to an accident.

  1. Road Hazards

Some roads are poorly constructed such that they can’t accommodate heavy vehicles like buses. Such roads can make bus drivers find it challenging to navigate their route through them, leading to accidents.

  1. Defective Bus

Bus manufacturers have to ensure the vehicles they make are safe and usable. But some auto companies can build buses with one or more defects that make their vehicles susceptible to accidents.

  1. Poorly Maintained Buses

Some bus owners and companies fail to keep their vehicles properly working. Vehicles need routine service and maintenance to function correctly on the road. Poorly maintained buses are prone to causing accidents. It will help if you get legal help from a bus accident lawyer if you suffer damages from an accident with a bus and determine the accident’s cause is poor vehicle maintenance.

  1. Poor Weather Conditions

Unfavorable weather conditions could put a bus driver prone to causing an accident. Adverse weather conditions likely to make bus drivers cause an accident include high winds, fog, rain, and snow.

  1. Blind Spots

Specific locations are considered blind spots because they expose many drivers to accidents. Bus accidents can result from driving in a blind spot, especially in an invisible area or that you cannot see with your naked eye.

  1. Bus Fires

Bus fires are extremely dangerous since they trigger panic in the passengers on board. When bus fires happen, most passengers, particularly those sitting at the vehicle’s rear, may be unable to escape. There are two locations in a bus likely to trigger an accident—the wheel wells and the engine compartment.

  1. Another Driver

Another driver’s negligence can cause a bus crash. For instance, when another driver fails to obey traffic rules, they can easily cause a bus wreck.

  1. Overcrowded Passengers

Carrying too many passengers makes the bus exceed its set weight restriction. That can lead to an accident. A bus with too many passengers, making it overcrowded, can fail to function properly and cause an accident.

Seek Legal Advice 

If you or a loved one is harmed by a bus accident, don’t hesitate to contact a bus accident attorney. An experienced attorney will fight for your rights to ensure you get the proper compensation you deserve.

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