Devastating Car Accident

5 Traumatic Injuries That Can Happen Following A Devastating Car Accident

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Every single day Atlanta witnesses car accidents. There are several reasons behind the number of car accidents that are increasing daily. Faulty roads, not following the traffic rules, overspeeding, drunk and driving, defective auto parts, and others are responsible for this.

Along with the damage of the car, car crashes come with catastrophic injuries that can change the rest of your life. Though with the help of Atlanta Catastrophic Injury Attorneys, you may get your claim, money is not everything most of the time.

5 Traumatic Injuries That Can Happen Following A Devastating Car Accident

Atlanta Catastrophic Injury Attorneys will be able to guide you with your claim when you get into a car accident. Here are some most traumatic injuries that can happen following a devastating car accident. So, let’s have a look at those injuries.

Facial Injuries

Your face is how people usually recognize you throughout your life. And devastating car accidents can actually cause some severe facial injuries. Any type of injury to the face can cause terrible and permanent scarring along with disfigurement.

Fractures, burns, and lacerations of the face are mostly caused by the steering wheel, dashboard, and airbags. Some of these injuries are mostly difficult to repair and also need multiple cosmetic surgeries.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

One of the worst injuries that a victim can sustain from a devastating car accident is a traumatic brain injury. Often these types of injuries result in permanent impairment or disabilities. More than 3.5 million people sustain brain injuries every year.

As a result of blunt force trauma, the brain can actually sustain serious bleeding. And it often leads to permanent memory, speech, and vision impairment, along with emotional dysfunction. One-third of all injury-related deaths are from brain injuries.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Here comes another severe injury, the spinal cord injury. It often causes complete or permanent paralysis. Disc rupture, spinal cord tears, and misplaced bone fragments can actually damage the transmission of signals between our brain and the body.

In extremities, it can lead to loss of feeling along with loss of proper function. Permanent paralysis is really devastating and also can completely change the course of life of the victim. In case the paralysis is a result of the cervical fracture and also complete paralysis, the victim might also be on a ventilator for the rest of his or her life.

Internal Organ Damage

Car accidents often cause internal organ damage. This is one of the most devastating and life-threatening damages, as in the initial stages, it can not be detected from the outside. This is the reason why it is always advised to get some immediate medical help after a car accident.

These kinds of injuries often need emergency diagnosis and surgery. And these are most commonly the result of a puncture due to fractured ribs. Organ damage can turn deadly really quickly and especially if not diagnosed and treated immediately.

Back And Neck Injuries

A devastating car accident can cause some severe lower back injuries, such as herniated disc, strains, and sprains. All these types of injuries,  most of the time, cause significant pain along with mobility impairment.

The most common car accident neck injury is whiplash. Some other common injuries are disc injury and cervical dislocation, which also can be really debilitating and painful. At first, they might not seem terrifying, but neck and back injuries can often result in chronic pain along with lifelong disability.

The Bottom Line

A devastating car accident and its injuries can actually cause someone’s life, or in case the person is lucky enough to stay alive, there might be some traumatic injuries that can change the survivor’s rest of life. Though the Atlanta Catastrophic Injury Attorneys might help the victim to get the claim from a car accident and settle his or her life up to a certain extent, everything can not be made totally okay.

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