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Are You Entitled To Claim A Legal Compensation After A Bus Accident?

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In California, the bus provides a state-wide public transport network to move from one place to another. Buses remain one of the most preferred transportation vehicles for the residents of California. However, bus-related accidents are also common in the state.

If you are an unfortunate bus accident victim, you must know how to legally proceed with your case. Primarily you must contact a Los Angeles-based reputed attorney, who’ll file a personal injury case on your behalf. Click here to know more about filing a personal injury case in Los Angeles and getting legal help.

A lawyer understands the in and out of such a case. They make your case strong, citing relevant clauses and statutes. These arguments will compel the insurance company to give full compensation to you.

Here are some quick steps that you must follow after a bus accident

Collect Ample Evidence

If your injury is moderate or you can at least move your hands and legs, you need quickly take snapshots or photographs of the scene as many as you can on your smartphone.

You should take these photos from various angles to justify the nature of your injury, the damage to the bus, the actual spot of the accident, and other relevant details such as the state of shock among other co-passengers.

Get in touch with co-passengers and collect their names and contact details. You can later share these details with your attorney for further legal action.

Take Medical Help

Whether your injury is serious or minor, taking the opinion of doctors is important. Following an accident, you must visit your nearest hospital and seek medical attention.

Depending upon your injury, a doctor may either advise you for diagnosis or suggest you go home. It not only helps you stay safe but is also crucial while filing your compensation claim.

If you don’t take any medical treatment weeks after the mishap, the insurance company will conclude that your injury wasn’t serious or you were negligent towards it.

Reporting the Case

In California, you are legally bound to report any accident case to the nearest police station. All traffic accidents, which have led to significant damages either in terms of lives or properties, need to be reported within 10 days after the accident.

Getting a copy of the document of the version of the case from the law enforcement agency will also help your attorney in the case. Your lawyer will also send a copy of the same to your insurer on time to bolster your case.

In Conclusion

After an accident, you must pay enough attention to your well-being and recovery. Take your medicines on time along with fresh fruits and vegetables. At the same time, keep in touch with your bus accident attorney to understand the progress of the case. Meanwhile, don’t forget to keep a record of all necessary documents, including invoices for medical expenses, insurance records, and a copy of the police version of the accident.

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