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Trending Cakes to Surprise Your Loved Ones in 2021

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It’s 2021, and bakeries and cake bakers have reached new heights of creativity. With innovation and creativity, they have brought asymmetric building designs too on the cake. From mixing and switching from traditional flavours to vegan flavours, the confectionery industry has come a long way to delight people with delicious delicacies. Now, as we are 2021, we often look for some mouth-watering options of cakes to send to our loved ones. Standard cakes are for ordinary days but for a special occasion like birthday, anniversary, wedding, promotion, mother’s day, father’s day, we need something new, innovative, something trendy that wows every heart.

Whenever we hop from one bakery to another, we ponder unusual design cakes because we think they might be in trend. Still, when we look online, we realise what we are missing because most online bakeries have scrumptious flavours that devour in our mouth in no time and have an eye-catchy appearance that makes our celebration grandiose. We try to get trendy online cake delivery in Tirupati or wherever we reside because standard cakes are now for the formal occasion and not for grand ones.

So, let’s look at some trending cakes in 2021 that your favourite people would love to gallop…

Pinata Cake

A cake where you need a hammer and a knife optional are what Pinata is all about. A chocolate layer shaped in a mould covering the chocolates or small cakes is how Pinata cake is prepared. So, smash the cake and get a blast of sweet chocolates or a small cake hidden in it. This is currently widely popular among all age group people so if you are sending this cake to your loved one, do not think twice.

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Combed Cake

Combing a cake is a straightforward way to add texture to the cake so that it looks peculiar. The buttercream is spread around the cake, and the icing smoother runs through buttercream to make the frosting looks easy, smooth and the same is used to comb and give an amazing texture to it. Well, this might be a simple cake, but the combed texture makes it look appealing and beautiful. So, it might be an anniversary, birthday or wedding, you can get one accordingly.

Pull Me Up Cake

A splash of chocolate defines Pull Me Up cake. In this, a cake is covered with plastic wrap, and ribbon and melted chocolate is covering the top of the cake; as soon as you remove the plastic wrap, a splash of chocolate runs down the cake, and it looks heavenly. So, to make someone’s day memorable, this can be one of the most delicate trending cakes to give them. For sure, they will immediately fall in love with it.

Rainbow Cakes

Who doesn’t like rainbows? Well, the same goes for cakes. The different layers depicting different colours of rainbow and sprinkles covering the top is a fabulous cake to offer. However, it came to market long back. But in 2021, it is one of the cake trendings, and people are loving having this cake, especially kids. So, you see, this can be one of the additions you can have to your trending cake list.

Spatula Cake

Spatula cake is an utmost creative side that bakeries have come up with. With the mind-boggling designs, this cake is great to have at lavish parties. Different tapered and angled spatulas are used to paint the buttercream on the cake and to give unique designs through the buttercream. Some of the famous ones are a bunch of flowers, floral forest and ferns and bushes – an excellent cake for weddings or anniversaries.

Swirly Half Cakes

Whole cakes, even for the six month anniversary or six month birthday of a kid, are so common. Therefore, confectionaries have come up with swirly half cakes or designer half cakes that make the occasion worth cherishing. When you have completed half a year, then why cut an entire cake. Go trendy and different with these swirly half cakes in 2021.

Black Buttercream

Black and that too buttercream, how can it be possible? Well, cake bakers should get hats off for coming up with such an elegant and classy cake in 2021. In this, buttercream makes a classic metallic print with candies at the top. It is one of the gorgeous cakes to offer to anyone, especially those who love black.

As now you know, the trendy cakes in 2021, hop on to the trend and make the celebration fruitful.

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