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Writing Apps

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The significant writing challenge common to most writers is writer’s block and procrastination. Many writers including professionals from https://mycustomessay.com/ experienced this at least once. Procrastinating, as a writer, comes with a very dreaded backlash. This includes the inability to meet up with deadlines. Although you can blame creative downtime for your failure to write, this wouldn’t get the job done either.

While you can try too hard to get into your creative atmosphere to write acceptably, you can conserve that energy and utilize one of these five writing apps. These writing apps are creatively constructed to fight these two primary writer’s concerns.

Writing should be a lot more fun and productive if you hit those tight corners of writer’s block and procrastination. As a writer, you should be open to using one of these reliable writing apps to see how much they can help you achieve;

  • Write Well:

This writing app/tool helps a writer who loosely procrastinates. For almost everyone, writing becomes necessary from their early school years. Essays, assignments, and reports are major writing tasks that get their ink in motion.

Writing formats, outlines, and information might be a cause for worry. This is a unique area where WriteWell can serve as an aid. WriteWell helps arraign your writing with its editor. This app can be used for free. However, its free version is limited to two documents. The premium plan costs $29/year.

  • Write

If you have tried writing against time, then you would have noticed how effective it makes you. Generally, if you write with time running out in the background, you become a lot more focused on your writing. Compared to other apps like Flowstate, which offer the same service, the Write app is free. This app helps you make a rough draft, which you can use when building your content.

  • Cleartext (MacOS)

Whats is the point of writing with big fancy words if no one understands what your writing is about? Wouldn’t you like to use every day and attention-grabbing words instead? This is where Cleartext comes in! It provides you with the ultimate 1000 commonly used English words. Clear text ensures your writing uses only the ultimate list of words.

  • Werdsmith (IOS)

Werdsmith is a powerful writing tool you can have in your pocket. Whenever you are hit with a little inspiration to write,  you can pick up your pocket device and write before procrastination kicks in. Being away from your computer shouldn’t keep you from writing. Simply use wordsmith.

  • Prompts (IOS)

Consistency makes you a better writer. The fact that you have an unyielding ink. So show up and write daily! With these apps, you get the necessary prompts when it’s time for you to write. This app also helps you set daily writing goals. The prompt is in sync with your iCloud. This makes writing across any of your devices possible.


Writing should not always be stressful! With these writing apps to help beat procrastination and delve into your writing, you can be a much more productive writer.

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