Why You Should Train Your Pet Bird

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Birds can be a great companion if you provide them with the right kind of bird training and make sure they are healthy. They will likely be quite difficult and love to destroy things if they aren’t properly trained and healthy. You want your bird to be as healthy as possible and live the life it deserves, so scheduling a regular visit with your avian vet is always a good idea. Bird vets will be able to tell you if anything needs to be changed in order for your companion to live its best life.

1 on 1 Bird Training with Your Vet

To own a bird in the right way is to be a master of bird husbandry, but that can be a bit challenging if you are new to these animals. The best way to understand how to train your bird is to get yourself some training from a specialist avian vet. They know what it is you need to learn to be the best companion for your bird. In addition, here are some important points to consider.

Tips to Train Your Bird

Parrot training can be a positive experience for both you and your bird, provided you properly develop a relationship with your parrot. Birds grow out of their youthful phase into more mature adulthood and in the same way that an infant becomes an adolescent, so they need guidance along the way to best set them up for a bright future. Serious bird behaviour problems can occur when the owner doesn’t understand the needs of the bird or how to train them properly. A very common mistake that bird owners make when training their birds is trying to work on complicated tasks for too long. It is important to approach bird training in brief, efficient periods and then give your bird time to relax.

You must take into account your companion’s emotional needs, as that’s how you’re best equipped to build a lasting bond with your parrot. Do not be overly harsh in your methods of training, as that can be counterproductive in your efforts to create a harmonious relationship with your avian friend. To successfully train a bird, you should use positive reinforcement when the bird starts to produce the desired outcome and simply ignore behaviours that are undesirable or unacceptable. Bird training requires great patience and understanding.

Learning to be assertive in a positive way, both when teaching a bird and in general, is very important. You’ve got to be confident or the bird won’t see you as the leader or top of the flock if you don’t. Keep in mind, pet dogs are instinctive explorers and learn the world with their snout, birds are likewise going to want to explore the world with their beak. You need to reward good behaviour and allow them to use their beak to learn how to be in harmony with being handled by humans. If they are too rough with you, remember not to get angry, simply walk away and ignore the bird for a while and try again.

Hopefully this article helps you and your avian friend to build a lasting and beautiful relationship. If you are new to avian husbandry and still have questions, it is best to get yourself some 1 on 1 training sessions with your avian vet.

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