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Top Pomsky Accessories Must Haves

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Top Pomsky Accessories Must-Haves

Pomsky is an adorable dog crossbred from a pomeranian and Siberian husky. These dogs are known to be cute, loyal, and protective hybrid breeds. They are also excellent dogs for guarding the house because of their loud barks and strong hearing sense. It’s no wonder that you would like to adopt one as part of your family.

However, you should be aware of the proper pet care and get the necessary items for their growth. Here are the things you should buy for your puppy.

Feeding bowls

One of the things you need to plan before having your cute pup is how to feed them. Because of that, you need to choose the perfect bowl for your pet. It’s advisable to use heavy bowls so it won’t be knocked down. Fortunately, there are ceramic, plastic, and stainless steel dog bowls available in the market.

Ceramic dog bowls can be a stylish feeding bowl for your cute dog. It can be handmade, personalized, and usually easy to wash. The downside of this bowl is that it’s easy to break and can chip or crack that can be harmful to your pup.
Plastic bowls are not expensive and can be bought in different styles and colors. It cannot easily break or chip off, but it can be chewed and scratch by your pet
Stainless steel bowls are sturdy food bowls and preferred by many. It’s durable and some have a non-skid rim that will prevent a spill. It’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe, but remember to check for stains and rust.

Grooming tools

Taking care of your puppy is a must, and grooming helps to create a bond between you and your dog. Because pomsky is double-coated, extra care is needed when bathing and brushing its hair. Don’t forget also to clip their nails regularly. Your grooming kit must have the following;

A mild shampoo.
A fine comb.
Nail clipper.
A brush.


A collar with a tag is a must for pet owners. It does not only serve to restrain your pet, but it can also be used as an identification card. You can put your information and write the name of your dog on its tag. It can ensure that other people can contact you in case your dog is missing or stolen. However, make sure that you get the best collar for your pet as some dog can become irritated with their collar and leash. Here are some factors you can consider when choosing the best collar for your pomsky.

Pomsky needs care, pampering, unconditional love of hooman mother or dad, and lots of versatile toys. But to make sure it has all it takes, all the love in the world, there is always something above and beyond – safety and security. Without that, no pet toy, no pampering to the pet spas, etc. will be justified. That is the main reason why at 4inbandana comes with the perfect and most accommodating ways to take care of security. Here, you will find durable and custom dog collars and dog’s bandanas. It is so cool to see your dog in the most chic way!

Choose the correct width for your dog to ensure that the pressure will be evenly distributed in your dog’s neck.

Get a collar that is adjustable and can easily be removed.

Don’t buy an expensive collar, especially if your dog is still young. Its because the dog will inevitably outgrow the collar and would need some changing after a few months.

Toys For Chewing

Like any other dog, pomsky also loves chewing anything lying around their sight from a rug, shoes, socks, etc. Thus, it’s suggested that you buy your dogs some chew toys if you don’t want your stuff to be the target of your dog’s teeth. There’s a lot of chew toys on the market that varies from size and shapes. Here are some tips if you want to buy one for your dearest pomsky.

Avoid unnecessary part of the chew toys – Some chew toys come with ribbon, strings, plastic eyes, etc. You can remove these parts that can be ingested by your dog and may bring harm to your pet.
Choose the right size of toys- It’s essential that you buy an appropriate size of toy for your dog. If the toy is too small, it can be swallowed down by your dog and cause blockage in its airway.
Make sure it’s durable – Pomsky can be an aggressive chewer, especially if you just left it at home. Make sure that your chew toy can withstand chewing for an extended period.
Read the labels. Make sure that the material or component used for the manufacturing of the product is safe for your pet.

Dog Crate or Cages

You may opt to use a crate for your dog to train them where to pee. It also used by some owners when transporting small dogs to other places. If you’re interested in buying one, make sure the size will be sufficient for your dog to comfortably moved when inside.

Pet Bed

If you’re willing to spend a little for your pomsky, you can buy a sleeping bed so your dog can have a place where it can comfortably sleep. It’s not only beneficial for your dog, but you can keep them away from your bed and sofa. Fortunately, sleeping beds for dogs come in a variety of designs and colors, and you won’t have a hard time looking for a suitable bed for your furry friend.

Dog carrier

If you want your dog always with you, you should buy a dog carrier suitable for your pet size. It can help you carry your dog, especially if you’re flying on an airplane. It can ensure that the dog can travel with you comfortably and safely without causing harm to your pet.

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