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Why You Need To Protect Your Coloured Contact Lenses From Water

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Coloured contact lenses are a very popular fashion accessory nowadays. According to contact lenses plus, people are using coloured contact lenses widely as it provide a very natural and beautiful look to your eyes. That is why so many people are turning to coloured lenses for cosmetic and fashion purposes. While they are using these coveted coloured eye contacts, they are dangerously not concerned about the safety and care for their coloured contacts

When I say safety and care I mean that most are unaware of the fact that cleaning coloured contact lenses with water is dangerous.

You may think using water for cleaning and washing purposes is perfect for cleaning your coloured contact lenses such as the black contact lenses. But just because it can clean the bacteria of your food and dished that does not mean you can use it to clean your contact lenses. That is not the right option friends. Coloured contact lenses must not be brought in contact with water.!

What Do you mean?

This is a serious offence against your coloured contact lenses and also against the health of your eyes. You are putting yourself at risk. Read these issues below:

  • Swimming:There are coloured lenses that can be used while doing sports. But one sport activity does not support contact lenses. That is swimming. While swimming your contact lenses will get in contact with water. That is why it is important to wear goggles so you can reduce the affects of micro-organisms getting on your contact lenses.
  • Storing lenses: Many users who are unaware of the fact that water is a also a home for different organisms tend to use water to clean their lenses. Water from the tap is not sterilized and once it gets in contact with contact lenses micro-organisms that are harmful for your eyes get on.
  • Showering:Again this is the same as swimming. It would be so simple if you would just take off your contact lenses and take a shower and put them on after that. But because they take a shower without taking them off attracts bacteria known as Acanthamoeba on the lenses that can damage your eye vision.

Follow these rules with your Coloured Contact Lenses so you can party safely.

These rules will keep you safe from damaging your eyes and infecting your contact lenses with bacteria

  • Contact lenses should not be cleaned by your saliva:your mouth is the perfect place for bacteria to grow. As it is wet and dark. That is why never use your saliva to clean or wipe any debris from the coloured eye contacts such as your black contact lenses.!
  • Store your coloured contact lenses in the solution: Always use the disinfectant solution that you got with your coloured contact lenses to store the lenses. That solution’s purpose is to clean the lenses and to store coloured contacts in them. Never store your lenses in water as it will give reason to the bacteria to stick on to your contact lenses.
  • Remove lenses before showering:Just make sure you take off your lenses, clean them with your disinfectant solution and store it in the case safely. Now, take your shower properly and dry yourself with a lint free cloth. After that you may wear them for as long as you like.
  • Get protected in the pool:If you have to wear lenses when swimming, water- tight goggles will help prevent eye infections. Prescription goggles are also available. They work like glasses and so they’re a great solution for helping you see clearly without the need to wear your lenses.
  • Don’t dilute your solution:You should never top up old solution with water or fresh solution, as this won’t disinfect your lenses properly. Empty your contact lens case, rinse and air dry it before filling with new solution.
  • Wash your hands, and dry them too:We all know we should wash our hands, but drying them is just as important. To ensure your lenses are kept free from water, make sure you dry your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses.

Make sure you are following these rules so you can keep on using your coloured contact lenses safely.

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