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6 Reasons That Explain Red Eyes

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Allergy, conjunctivitis, alcohol, sleep, lenses, glaucoma, red eyes can be a symptom of small inconveniences or serious illnesses.

Sometimes our eyes decide to celebrate Halloween on their side, making us look like bloodthirsty vampires. Since many factors can cause red eyes, it is not always easy to determine the exact reason and find the right remedy. The blood vessels on the surface of the eye can expand or ignite because of reasons that are very simple to control, or serious diseases that can affect vision.


Dust, pollen, animals, detergents allergens are hiding everywhere around us. Not only can they cause constant itching and tearing, but they can also cause redness. To calm this symptom, rinse your eyes with cool water or use a compress. Drops available in pharmacy to fight against allergies, as well as antihistamines, can help.


This bacterial, viral, or allergic infection can cause red, swollen, watery, itchy eyes. The application of cold compresses can help relieve redness. But if you are not sure whether it is conjunctivitis, or if the infection persists for several days, consult your doctor.

A drunken evening

If you have drunk a few extra drinks and spent a little night, it’s no wonder that your eyes are red (and perhaps hemmed in). Alcohol causes dilation of the blood vessels of the eyes , which causes an increase in blood flow. Lack of sleep lowers the amount of oxygen in the eyes, while causing dryness of the cornea. To calm this discomfort, use fresh drops and compresses.

Contact lenses

Wearing your lenses too long or at night is not a good idea. They can block the passage of oxygen and irritate the cornea. Result: red eyes . In the worst case, the irritation turns into infection and ulcer of the cornea. To avoid this problem, carefully follow the lens care instructions and remember to remove them before going to bed.

Blood loss

Subconjunctival haemorrhage may occur when a blood vessel just below the surface of the eye breaks, due to more or less shock, and the blood forms a bright red spot in the white of the eye. This is a common injury and although the bleeding seems serious, it will probably not affect vision, says the Health website. The red spot usually fades in a few weeks.


When pressure on the eye due to fluid accumulation increases, visual fibers are destroyed, and the visual field gradually decreases. It is glaucoma. This disease related to damage to the optic nerve is often preceded by some symptoms such as red eyes, blurred vision, eye pain and distorted lights. Untreated, glaucoma can cause blindness. It is therefore important to consult an eye specialist for a complete examination if you have these symptoms.

What are the solutions in case of redness of the eyes?

Eye redness having a multitude of causes, the solution will depend on the diagnosis.

If it is a common redness related to fatigue, sun or a little irritation, try to rest your eyes, wear sunglasses and avoid screens for some time. In case of soap, dust or other irritant in the eye, it is possible to rinse with plenty of water or with a saline solution to reduce irritation.

In other cases, the ophthalmologist may prescribe a suitable red eye treatment, such as artificial tears in case of dryness, eye drops antihistamine in case of allergy or antibiotic in case of infection, corticosteroids in case of inflammation, etc.


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