Why is Exercise So Important for Seniors?

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Exercise is something that people realize is good for them and can help them to stay fit, but the true benefits that it offers aren’t usually understood. Did you know that for seniors, exercise can be just as important, if not more important? Often there need to be adjustments made to the type of exercise that is done to ensure it is safe and effective, but it’s something that should be embraced and practiced regularly. Let’s take a look at why exercise is so important for seniors.

Build Strength through Exercise

One of the most obvious benefits of exercising is that it builds strength in the body. This is something that can start to fade as a person ages, especially if they aren’t active. Strength training activities don’t have to be confusing or too aggressive, just simple activities like using light weights or a resistance band will offer benefits.

Stay Flexible and Limber

Flexibility is another thing that seniors can have an issue with. As the body gets older it can start to stiffen up and suffer from inflammation and pain. Staying active will help to keep these issues under control and keep you flexible. An increase in flexibility also helps to prevent falls, which can lead to serious medical problems such as broken bones.

Exercise Will Boost the Mood

Did you also know that exercising helps to boost your mood? It’s an instant mood lifter thanks to the fact the body releases endorphins while you’re active. It is also excellent at combating stress.

Get a Better Sleep at Night

Seniors that have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep can also benefit from regular physical activity. They will be working their bodies enough that it tires them, making them ready for bed when the time comes.

Ward Off a Variety of Diseases

Preventing disease should be a priority for everyone not just seniors, and exercise is a great way to help prevent a handful of serious ones from developing. Regular physical activity can help to prevent diabetes, heart disease, and more. It also helps to boost the immune system, which means the body is better able to fight off illness.

Assisted Living Facilities Should Offer Exercise Opportunities

If you’re currently in the process of finding an assisted living facility for the senior in your life, you’ll want to be sure that exercise is something that is offered. Ask about the facility’s health and wellness programming where exercise and physical activities are concerned. The facility may have an on-site gym or workout space, perhaps it hosts exercises classes, maybe there are walking trails on the grounds, a pool, and so forth. The more options that are available to seniors, the healthier and fitter they can be.

Brandywine Living, an assisted-living facility, could be an option thanks to its robust wellness program. You may even want to find a facility that works with residents to develop a customized exercise program.

It’s Time to Prioritize Physical and Mental Well-Being

Exercise is important at any age, but for seniors in particular it can offer a large array of important physical and mental well-being benefits.

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