Why Am I Losing Hair

Why Am I Losing Hair?

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There are a number of causes of hair loss. This can range from vitamin deficiencies or even something more complex like an underlying health issue.

To begin with, it may be that you have recently been super stressed or even ill. Excessive shedding of hair can occur due to stress. Stress can cause your hair growth to become arrested. When this happens, hair sheds. Also, when you are stressed, your body tends to release cortisol (stress hormone), which can have negative impacts on the hair follicles and lead to hair loss.

Another cause of hair loss could be that you have low levels of iron. Not getting enough iron in your diet can result in hair loss.

You may have a thyroid condition. A thyroid condition can cause a number of hair issues, including thinning hair and lots of shedding.

Another reason could be that you lost a lot of weight recently. Weight loss which is sudden is a form of physical trauma that leads to thinning hair.

Furthermore, it could just be that you are getting older. It is quite common that people experience hair thinning or even hair loss.

It is also important to mention Alopecia. Alopecia causes hair loss over time. There are different types of alopecia, including alopecia areata, traction alopecia and androgenetic alopecia. Androgenetic alopecia is the most common type of hair loss. In men, it is the result of male-pattern baldness and in women after menopause.

Hormonal changes could be another significant factor of hair loss. For women who have hormonal imbalances, they can have hair loss. With regards to men, hair loss could be caused by the follicle’s response to DHT.

Certain medications can also have a side effect of hair loss. Medications like antidepressants, beta-blockers and some oral contraceptives are known to have the effect of hair loss.

Treatment Options

If you are experiencing hair loss, there are a myriad of treatment options available, however, there are a certain few which are popular and effective.

One of the most popular treatments is minoxidil. This treatment is applied to the area in which hair is thinning on the scalp.

Another popular treatment is finasteride. It works to stop the hormone that is causing hair loss.

Shampoo which is designed to stimulate hair growth, is a treatment some people may opt for.

Notably, Regaine foam is one of the highly rated hair loss treatments available. Its primary purpose is to stimulate hair growth. Regaine Foam is available both for men and women.

If you would like to explore more hair loss treatment options available, you can visit Pharmica today.

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