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Which is the Best Home Air Conditioner

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We have almost reached the start of summer. In India, summers are usually very harsh, with temperatures continuously averaging above 40 degrees Celsius. The heat is so unrelenting that average fans and room coolers become ineffective. The only respite you can get is from the best home air conditioner. So which home air conditioner do you plan to buy to make your life comfortable?

Best Home Air Conditioner

Everybody has their expectations from an air conditioner. Many of us like to spend money on a good Window air conditioner. They only think so because of their familiarity with the model because window air conditioners have been around for a long time. Besides, some consider the Split type the best home air conditioner. The best choice is because it involves the latest technology and looks sleeker.

At the same time, there are a large number of people who rank air conditioners based on their running costs. They know that it’s not the initial price of the air conditioner that affects them more but the electricity bill they must pay monthly. Besides, if someone wants to buy an AC for bedroom, they will usually prefer the Split model because of its low noise. People typically look for a peaceful ambience in their bedroom because this is a place they come for a rest after a hard day.

Window or Split Air Conditioner?

In India, Window and Split are two popular models of air conditioners. So when choosing the best home air conditioner, which one will you prefer? Both types of air conditioners have their advantages and disadvantages that you have to take into account. The main advantage of a Window air conditioner is that it’s more convenient to install and maintain. You don’t even need trained technicians to install the Window air conditioner. You have to fix it in the window, tighten the room, and connect the unit to the electric socket. It’s a sturdy, time-tasting device that makes your life comfortable for years.

Window air conditioners have been in India for a long time, and you can find a trained engineer in every nook and corner. If there’s any servicing issue with the air conditioner, you can easily find a mechanic in your neighbourhood who will charge nominally to repair it. However, things are different in the case of Split air conditioners. As the name suggests, two units are in a split air conditioner, and you need a trained engineer to install them. The installation process is complicated as you need many accessories to install it properly. You also end up paying around Rs 10,000 as the installation charges.

Are you looking for AC for Bedroom?

The location of the air conditioner is critical. A Window AC could be your best home air conditioner for your living room but not so for your bedroom because you will need an AC for bedroom that is aesthetically good in appearance and operates silently. A Split AC is, therefore, ideal. If you need an air conditioner for your small office, a Window AC will easily do the job. It may help you save money you can spend on something else.

Nowadays, inverter air conditioners are also available, which reduces your electricity bill by almost 40%. Although they cost more than conventional models, consider it seriously if you are looking for the best home air conditioner. Once you decide to go for such a model, you can stay relaxed for 5-6 years.

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