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Which country has the most job opportunities for Indians?

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All working people dream of “work-life balance”. Taking into account factors such as average working hours per day, personal time, and public holidays, here are the top 10 countries for those looking to add a little more leisure to their lives.

Experienced specialists can find vacancies for a doctor, programmer, engineer, manager. It should be noted that for EU residents (citizens of the EU countries) wages will be higher than for immigrants from India. Migration specialists from Assistpoint recommend that you first obtain citizenship of one of the EU countries, and only then look for a job with more favorable conditions. For example, it is much easier for Indians to obtain Romanian citizenship than Germany or France.

There are a number of factors to consider before choosing a country:

  • level of language proficiency – it is not enough to speak English well, at least a minimum knowledge of the state language is required;
  • a competent resume – it is important to accurately submit information, answer questions in the questionnaire and avoid mistakes;
  • documents – you need to find out what documents are needed for legal employment, and prepare them in advance;
  • sphere and payment – it is worth deciding in advance on the type of activity and salary, as well as calculating the cost of living, meals and other needs.

These are just some of the factors that should be considered before traveling abroad for the purpose of employment. The list may contain many items, taking into account the characteristics of each state. Consider the Top countries where the best places to go to work are. Go to Layboard website to know more about working abroad.

United Arab Emirates

For those looking for work opportunities abroad, the United Arab Emirates is now a prime destination, with a large number of professionals lured by the promise of a luxurious lifestyle and more favorable climate. There’s far more on offer than an exotic postcode and the promise of sunshine – Dubai’s urban neighborhoods and capital Abu Dhabi are two of the world’s most influential and dynamic employment hubs. Here you can even find a job without education, for example truck-driver job in UAE for foreigners.


Demanding state among the inhabitants of India. This is due to the huge number of proposals. Women are offered vacancies as a nurse, cleaner, salesman, waiter, maid. For men without education and qualifications, there is only during the harvest season. The amount of remuneration depends on the position and region.

Italians have a minimum of requirements for workers from abroad. At the same time, they are offered a flexible schedule, payment for accommodation at the expense of the employer. The salary is approximately 100-200 EUR less than in other regions of the state. But it is not necessary to speak Italian well for employment. Some employers pay for language courses. Once you become fluent in Italian, you can move north to find a high-paying job.


In Germany, there is a persistent labor shortage. Even those who do not know German are in demand here. It is worth noting that there is a difference in wages for immigrants and Europeans. If you are qualified, you can receive from 2.3 thousand euros per month. German companies invite scientists, engineers, specialists in the field of mechanical engineering to work. Jobs are often posted to find laborers. A woman can work as a maid, cleaner, or dishwasher. If there is a certificate and a good knowledge of the language, the opportunities and the amount of earnings increase.


Canada accepts immigrants from India. Here you can easily find a job officially. The easiest way to do this will be with a good knowledge of English. A salesperson in a supermarket earns up to 2,000 USD per month. Medical workers, lawyers, engineers, managers, managers at oil and gas production enterprises are also in demand here.

One of the advantages of working in Canada for our compatriots is state protection regardless of citizenship. Thanks to this, you can count on the help of law enforcement agencies if any complaints or disputes arise. But only officially arranged employees have such an advantage.

What you need to know about working abroad for Indians?

Getting a job in Poland, the UAE, Kuwait, the Czech Republic or Germany is not as difficult as it seems to many. It is more difficult to be ready for the work itself and the move, so that everything goes according to plan. Let’s take it step by step.

Language proficiency

You need to understand whether you need knowledge of the language. In many EU countries or Canada, the United States does not hire without knowing the language. Therefore, it is worth finding out if you need knowledge of the language, and if so, at what level. Work in Poland often involves a large number of vacancies where language is not needed. And in Germany, on the contrary, without German in any way.

Applying for a work visa

Almost everywhere a work visa is required for employment, except for Poland. But even there, now due to COVID, you will not be accepted without a work visa. In addition to a work visa, you need to issue a whole package of documents: a passport, insurance, a questionnaire, and others.

Choosing an intermediary agency

At the first employment abroad, you cannot do without an intermediary. The main thing is not to fall for scammers! Due to the high demand for the service, many scam agencies have appeared that send fake job offers, arrange other vacancies with worse working conditions, “pull” money out of you and disappear. Your main task is to choose a trusted agency with a license, more than two years of experience and reviews.

What is important to do before leaving India?

Here are some basic tips to help you feel more confident. So, before applying for a job abroad:

  1. Check your work permit. Yes, it sounds obvious, but this is the first place to start. Otherwise, you run the risk of breaking the law yourself, and then in case of a conflict with the employer, the court will not be on your side. You must know exactly what kind of work activity is allowed on your visa in a particular country. For example, in Spain, foreign students can work only if the working hours do not overlap with the class schedule and do not interfere with their studies. In Germany, students can work without restrictions at their university (as interns or assistants), but “outside” work is limited to 120 full days. In England, a student can work as much as he likes during the holidays, but during his studies – a limited number of hours and with the permission of the university. Also, these rules can change from time to time, so it’s always a good idea to check with the law about how many hours you can work.
  2. Find out what the minimum wage is (per month or per hour). In most EU countries, the minimum wage is defined by law. The employer does not have the right to pay below this amount – and if the employee, unknowingly, agrees to such conditions, then this will also be considered an offense and may result in a fine or even deprivation of the right to work. Employers can really try to play on this – for example, I was twice offered a job with obviously too low a salary. In Germany, the minimum wage per hour is €9.35 (from 2020), in France it is €10.03 (in 2019), in the UK it is £8.21. (Remember that this is the gross amount, that is, before taxes.) However, these rules do not apply to interns: internships usually pay much less or not at all, again, depending on the country.
  3. Specify the status of the company and the number of employees: for example, in Germany, if the company is very small (less than 10 full-time employees), then the dismissal cannot be challenged in court, and a class action lawsuit cannot be filed against the employer. Small businesses have certain privileges, so some employers tend to hire employees not full-time, but part-time (10-20 hours a week).
  4. In the work contract, pay attention to the salary, work schedule, number of vacation days, sick leave, trial period, conditions and dismissal procedure. Ideally, show the contract to a lawyer to make sure it is correct and there is nothing suspicious about it.

Find out where to seek legal help if needed. It often happens that an employee, even knowing that his rights have been violated, cannot do anything, because he does not have the opportunity to receive qualified assistance. Do not rely on the Internet and look for advice in social networks. There is a high probability of stumbling upon dubious and false information that can only harm. Moreover, even official organizations can be incompetent.

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