Top 5 Indoor Plants for Work from Home Nerds

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Everyone will agree that plants do revamp the surrounding by adding fresh air, calm, and peace. For individuals who are now bound to their home-based workstations during the pandemic, indoor plants’ presence can help revive their mood. There are different varieties of air-cleaning plants that can be kept on the work desk or somewhere around to spread good vibes.

If you have become a work-from-home nerd during this COVID-19 situation, here are some exciting plant varieties you can opt for your house:


Chinese Evergreens or Aglaonema are famous because of their varying leaf color. The standard varieties exhibit deep green leaves, whereas the other versions are decorated with red and silver traces. You can quickly notice the striking flower stamens of Aglaonema that are responsible for its scientific name. This indoor plant highlights long life and is suitable for your work desk at all times.


Having a Bromeliad plant in your living room or bedroom can energize the space with positivity. It is not only the appearance of this plant but its bloomed self that can work wonders. A younger Bromeliad might require additional maintenance, but with age, it adapts well to the indoor setup and requires little care. Just ensure you water the plant timely and check the fertilizer requirement after every cold spell. It is recommended to use essential oils to prevent bugs from spoiling Bromeliad plants.

Peace Lily

Their broad, dark green leaves characterize peace lilies. The benefit of keeping peace with lilies at home is majorly due to its stunning white flowers that can trigger a good feeling in you within seconds. You need not worry about regular sunlight as this plant can survive in little shade. Moreover, Peach lilies are resistant to overwatering, making them a sufficient variety of easy-to-handling indoor plants. Ensure you use clay pots for Peach lilies for helping them grow better.


It does resemble a little tree that can acquire a maximum height of three feet. However, this indoor plant’s growth rate is prolonged, and you can position it close to your workstation. The Dracaena can be characterized by its thick trunk that is decorated with leafy foliage. Its tropical appearance is quite interesting to impress everyone who sees it. The most notable trait of Dracaena is its ability to eliminate pollutants from its surroundings. This houseplant can sustain in drought-like scenarios and possesses an unyielding root system that prevents withering.


There is no harm in managing a Bonsai tree planter at home. They make up excellent indoor plants that drop a rejuvenating effect. Apart from their charming look, these plants purify the air and offer psychological benefits to people working from home. There are different varieties of bonsai plants that can be kept at home, such as the Ficus Bonsai, Baby Jade Bonsai, Chinese Elm Bonsai, and a lot of others. You can purchase different bonsai plants online without putting any additional effort into stepping out of the house.


When you are working from home, keeping your focus and inner peace is a must. The presence of indoor plants is one motivating factor to keep you comfortable throughout the day. The plants mentioned above are rated outstanding since they improve the house’s overall look and aura. Moreover, these planters are easy to care for and do not require frequent watering. You can consult local gardeners regarding the use of fertilizers and repotting methods during the spring season. For making these plants look attractive, you can even try out customized pots that are colorful and creative in their designs.

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