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Where do celebrities gamble in Vegas?

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Vegas is, without a doubt, the most popular, and ultimately, the most famous place on the planet when it comes to gambling. It has worked very hard over the years to build up a solid reputation, and it is now widely considered to be the main gambling hub for punters. Of course, it has a lot more to offer to visitors than just gambling, but it goes without saying, that when you think of Vegas, the first thing that probably springs to mind, are the incredible range of land-based gambling venues along the Vegas strip. So, as it is best known for being a hot spot for gamblers, where do the celebrities visit when they want to gamble in Vegas? We’ve taken a closer look at which venues you are most likely to find them playing at.

The Bellagio

The Bellagio is undoubtedly one of the most famous, and iconic casinos in the world. It has a huge amount on offer to people who visit, with entertainment, gambling and light shows. If that wasn’t enough, then don’t forget that there is always the possibility to go online, and use the gambling features to replicate the real-life experience. It makes The Bellagio arguably one of the first places to head to for anyone who is visiting Vegas for the first time, and wants to have fun at a casino.

With that being said, it makes sense that this is a casino where celebrities like to play. Of course, pro gamblers might prefer to make their way to the high roller tables, but celebs will normally end up in the VIP section during their stay. There’s a reason for this. The VIP section offers a slightly higher level of service, but it also allows for some privacy. Celebrities on the main floor would most likely be mobbed as people would instantly recognize who they were.

If you’re trying to play a game of Blackjack, and you find that people keep coming over to your table asking for an autograph, then it will put you off your game. Because of this, players will tend to make their way over to the VIP room, where they feel they are much more likely to be left alone. The enhanced level of service also helps explain why they might decide to head for this section.

Hard Rock Casino

The Hard Rock Casino is a place where you are very likely to see celebrities. As it has gained a reputation of being part of the celebrity lifestyle, it’s not a surprise that plenty of famous people make their way here when they visit Vegas. One celebrity that you’re probably very unlikely to see if you visit the Hard Rock Casino, is Ben Affleck.

Affleck was banned from playing Blackjack at the casino, because he was just too good, and he kept winning large amounts of cash. He was allowed to stay and play other games, but Blackjack was deemed a no go for him. As Blackjack is his preferred game, it’s likely that he decided to move on, and chance his arm at a different casino, so that he could carry on enjoying himself.

Despite the lack of visits from Afflect, there are still plenty of famous people who visit the Hard Rock Casino on a regular basis, so if you’re a big autograph hunter, then this is definitely a great place to check out.

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