What Type of Pain and Discomfort Can Orthotics Help With? 

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Orthotics are often suggested to help with alignment issues that cause pain in the knee, hip, and foot or ankle. These can be included in any shoe in the form of an insole or can be built directly into the sole of a pair of orthotic shoes. Here we will share some of the benefits that come along with using orthotics and they can help you feel more comfortable.

How They Work

Orthotics are built to fit your foot and adjust both your alignment from toes to heel, heel to ankle, and from there, the knees and legs align properly right up to the hips and lower back. By offering a firm yet comfortable support to each area of the foot. By ensuring the toes are each in the correct alignment, and the ball of the foot is aligned and supported, the bones in the foot will be correctly aligned, leading to the angle. Many foot orthotics will cup the heel to ensure that the heel also remains correctly aligned and will keep the ankle joint supported and straight. Ensuring that the bones through the feet and to the ankles are aligned corrects the alignment of the lower legs and up to the knees. When the body is aligned correctly, it allows for the joints to function at their peak and will reduce the pain. Having the ankles, then knees, in the correct position reduces the pressure on the joints and will also ensure that the legs are in the correct position at the hips. Ensuring the hips are positioned correctly during walking and standing will reduce hip pain and lower back pain. It also helps to keep the spine in the natural position, which will reduce back pain and even shoulder pain, headaches, and more.

Specialty Made Orthotics

Personally, I scheduled an appointment with an Orthotics Specialist in Gold Coast, but you will want to find someone within proximity to where you live to make it convenient to visit and go through the process. The best orthotics are specially made for the individual. This involves a measurement of the foot, determining where the weight is carried on the foot, and the gait. These are all taken, along with impressions of the foot, to build the inside of the shoe or the insole to the exact size and form of the foot. It will offer stable support for both standing and walking and will help to guide the way in which the foot hits the ground. They decrease the impact felt and improve the stride as well. Orthotics are proven to reduce the impact on the joints, reduce pain in joints and muscles, and provide a more comfortable experience.

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Orthotic Shoes

Shoes can be purchased with the orthotics built-in. The insoles will be secured within the shoe, and the sole of the shoe will be fitted to the foot, with the upper portion created to wrap around the foot correctly. This will provide the best fit and the most effective orthotic for most people.

Orthotic Insoles

Orthotic insoles can be found in any drugstore or shoe store.They cup the heel and help to keep the foot positioned in the shoe correctly while adding both support and padding for a comfortable fit.

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