What To Do When Your Employer Doesn’t Encourage Paid Time Off (PTO)

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It’s understandable that employers don’t generally like employees taking time off.% It reduces the productivity of the workplace, means that extra cover needs to be sorted, and there will be additional costs in keeping the business running smoothly.

From a business point of view, it suggests a reduction in profit, that’s never a good thing.

However, the simple fact is that Australian law allows you to take 20 days of paid vacation every year. The good news is that most employers don’t just allow you to take the time off, they actively encourage it. This is done by monitoring time off to make sure you take regular vacations and, in some cases, the company will even come up with ways to get you out of the office.

It makes life more pleasurable. Unfortunately, it’s still not the case for all employers and employees. Some employers don’t encourage you to take time off. That can make it difficult when you enjoy your job. Here’s what you can do.

Talk To Your Boss

This can be daunting but the fact is the law is on your side. You need to schedule a meeting with your boss and tell them that PTO is a right and you intend to take it. It’s important to be firm. You can even share with them that they have created a culture where taking time off is seen as wrong.

Alongside this, make sure your employer is aware that PTO is beneficial. It clears the mind, de-stresses employees, and helps them to return to work refreshed. That generally makes them more relaxed and better able to deal with issues.

In many cases, employees will be more productive and be better at envisioning solutions to difficult issues.

If your business has an HR department then you may want to approach them first. They should be aware of the rules and may be able to help you talk to your employer. After all, they may be in HR but they are likely to be affected by the same issue.

Talk To A Lawyer

If you talk to your boss and you still feel that he doesn’t want you to have PTO or that your job may be at risk because of your chat, then it’s time for you to see the best employment lawyers and get some helpful advice.

They can guide you regarding the best way to reapproach your employee, they can reinforce your argument with legal facts, and they can even help you pursue an unfair dismissal claim. This can be if your employer sacks you or if you feel you have no other option but to leave.


It is possible to simply quit and file an unfair dismissal claim. However, you may prefer to continue working for them and quit when you’re ready. In other words, when you’ve found another job. This is a sensible approach but it can be difficult to keep working while looking for another opportunity.

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