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General Passport Requirements for First-Time Travelers

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There is a long list of problems usually faced by first-time travelers. And one of the most common ones is related to passports and visas. Getting a passport and visa sounds so smooth, but it isn’t. This complex process needs proper attention and complete documents to end up correctly. For that, you will need guidance, so we are here today to share general passport requirements for individuals traveling for the first time.

What are the General Passport Requirements?

Working or moving abroad is a life-changing decision. But if you are a first-time traveler, you might not be aware of the terms and conditions along with the possibilities. Hence, the blog will be your great friend in the needed guidance.

Now let’s talk about the general passport requirements for a first-time traveler:


It is the initial step of the process of getting a passport. You will need an application form to begin the procedure. Get an application form first if you need a passport book or a card. You can also get it online and get a printout to proceed further. Remember that you don’t have to sign the form until you meet a passport official.

Here is the Official Document file you can download it.


The application form initiates the procedure, but further proceeding and even results depend on the submission of required documents. You will face issues while getting the passport if you don’t submit the correct documents. Now let’s look at the documents you will be required to submit for your passport application:

  •     Original document proof of U.S citizenship
  •     Appropriate photo ID document
  •     Photocopy of both
  •     Passport photo
  •     Payment


You must contact an experienced and professional passport service provider to get an idea, whether it’s a passport name change fee or a new passport fee. Well, a passport name change application can be submitted if your name is changed officially. You will have to wait for 6-8 weeks, but when done with a service-providing company, you can speed up the process. The fee will vary from company to company, so ensure to talk about that beforehand. If you complete all the other requirements, go for the payment. Once the payment is made, you will get your passport at the promised time. You can apply for emergency passports too, according to your needs.

Passport Photo Requirements

Here comes the crucial part, the perfect passport photos have some requirements. Applying for a passport is not enough. You need to learn about how to take a perfect passport picture, or you can also seek help from a professional passport photo company. Without following the instructions, you won’t be able to complete the process. It is because only the proper passport photo per the photo requirements is acceptable. A photo for your passport is entirely different from the one you usually take. So, ensure you focus on the instructions and guidelines before submitting it. Here are the things you should keep in mind for perfect passport photos:

  •     It should be recent and colored
  •     No selfies are acceptable
  •     Background must be plain off-white or white
  •     Your face angle needs to be straight
  •     No shadows or wide smiles are allowed
  •     Ensure perfect lightening
  •     Take off your eyewear
  •     Keep your eyes perfectly open
  •     Your hair should not cover any side of your face
  •     The photo must show your clear and natural face

There are two ways to get the job done. One way is to rely on a passport photo company to take and adjust your picture. And the other is to take your picture yourself then leaving everything on the service providing company. Some companies offer passport photo services that will use your pictures and make them suitable per the passport photo requirements.

Is There Any Difference in the Requirements for Passport Name Change?

The passport name change is required when your name is officially changed. You will need to change the name on the passport as well to keep your traveling safe and convenient. The process isn’t something unusual or extraordinary. However, there is a slight difference in the requirements, which you should keep in mind. Things you will have to submit for a passport name change application are passport photos, a name change application, a U.S passport, and a legal name change document to prove the change. With the help of a service-providing company, you can get your new passport quicker if you wish with some additional passport name change fee only. It can be pretty helpful when you have to travel urgently. But it will save you time, money, and even effort.

Traveling Tips for First-Time Travelers

Now that we have guided you about all the essential information about getting a passport, it’s time for some additional traveling tips for first-time travelers:

  •     Once you get your passport in hand, make sure you get multiple paper and digital copies.
  •     Always keep your passport in a safe yet easy-to-remember place so that you don’t misplace it.
  •     Keeping all your documents along with the passport at the same place is a great idea.
  •     Only trust the professionals to get a passport to avoid any inconveniences.
  •     Don’t forget to get the name changed on the passport if your name is changed officially. Otherwise, you won’t be able to travel.
  •     Wasting the passport book pages is not recommended; save them for later.
  •     If you are traveling for the first time, it is better to seek expert help from any passport or visa service providing company.


We have tried our best to cover all the knowledge you may need as a first-time traveler regarding passports. The journey seems so simple, but without proper information and fulfilling the requirements, you will only suffer from inconveniences. So, make sure you pay detailed attention to every requirement of your passport, especially when it comes to passport photos. Not only does a first-time traveler make mistakes, but we have also seen some frequent travelers doing the same. Therefore, read this writing piece carefully to ensure convenient and easy traveling.

Bonus Tips

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