What Is The Best Time To Play Slots Online?

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The best time to play slots online depends on various factors, and we’ve created a quick and easy guide below. Here we go.

The Best Time To Play Slots: How To Maximize Your Slot Strategy

The best time to play slots is a controversial topic, and there are countless opinions about the best time to play. These games are open to anyone at any time, with the random number generator determining the outcome and ensuring fairness. However, some players believe that playing slots at a specific time can increase your chances of winning, while others claim the opposite.

Despite opposing views, it is crucial to note that both types of players are correct in their claims. The following guide will help you learn more about when is the best time to play your favorite slot titles. Simultaneously, we’ll share some online casino slots tips and tricks and help you learn how and where to get the best offer for new players. Let’s begin.

Is There A Best Time To Play Slots?

First, let’s look at the idea that slot machines pay more during busy times. It is similar to many other ideas, and it originated in land-based casinos. Players noticed that the jackpots were more likely to land at night when there was more activity than during the day.

Is this information a sign that you are more likely to win the jackpot if you play during peak hours? The answer is no. Jackpots land more frequently merely because more players are spinning the reels. Each player’s RTP and chances of winning the jackpot remain the same. However, more players are putting in more money, so it makes sense that there would be more money out.

Let’s also look at a unique type of slot game that can make a difference no matter what time you play it: time-limited must-drop jackpots.

A must-drop jackpot will land within a specified time frame, usually by the end of a day or an hour. These slot games feature a design that ensures a high chance that the jackpot will already have dropped by the deadline.

Daily Jackpots

However, when looking at the best time to play slots online, note that the jackpot may not drop on the hour or day’s end. In these rare instances, the slot goes into a different state before reaching the goal. This will ensure that the jackpot does not drop on the last spin. Therefore, you can almost predict that someone will win a large payout soon.

This effect is evident in bingo games that have a must-go jackpot escalator. It almost always lands during the session, although it can be lost if it doesn’t. Players know that someone will win big when there is only one remaining game. Players have a few minutes to realize what’s happening and then buy tickets. However, there can be thousands in slots, if not tens of millions of players spinning simultaneously. You’d still need an infinite number of lucky rabbit paws to win that last spin.

The chance of the jackpot falling is equal in all spins up to that point. However, this chance usually relies on spin value. Additionally, the jackpot increases in size the longer it doesn’t drop. Consequently, a player who wins the jackpot later in the day will win more than one who wins it early in the same day.

The Other End Of The Spectrum

However, it is not the best time to play slots online if the jackpot has already dropped and the following period hasn’t begun. The chance of winning the jackpot is zero, and the RTP for base games is lower than progressive jackpot games.

Additionally, some must-drop jackpots have a time limit. Others have a maximum amount and will drop before they reach that level. If you see a jackpot close to its maximum value, it’s a better moment to play the game than when it has just been re-seeded. You still have a similarly remote chance of winning, but the prize is more significant.

You should also remember that progressive jackpot games will generally burn through your cash much faster than games without a jackpot. The jackpot can tie up a lot of RTP, and these titles have a lower overall RTP than other progressive games.

For example, the regular Fishin’ Frenzy has an RTP of 96.12%. On the other hand, Fishin’ Frenzy Jackpot King has a lower RTP at 93.32%. Even worse is the Eyecon classic Shaman’s Dream. The regular version has an RTP of 95.4%, but Shaman’s Dream Jackpot’s RTP includes the jackpot and is a disappointing 90%.

These issues with RTP lead to the logical conclusion that progressive jackpot slots are not a good choice regardless of the time you play.

When Is The Best Time To Play Slots Online?

The most straightforward answer is that playing slots is best when you’re of the right mindset. But, what is the right attitude? Is it being able to play slot games for entertainment without worrying about losing? Only you can answer this question. Regardless, here’s when not to play these games:

  • When you are unhappy
  • If you are intoxicated
  • When you should be spending time with family or working
  • If you can’t afford to play
  • If you don’t enjoy it
  • If you intend to chase losses

Note that safe gambling tools are available at any time. For example, online bingo and slot sites that cater to UK players allow them to limit their deposit amounts, so they aren’t tempted to gamble with money they don’t have. Some of these tools include:

  • Limits on loss and/or session and wagering limits
  • Curfew- block deposits at specific times (e.g., Friday night, late at night)
  • Exclusion for specific products – block a particular game or product area (e.g., block casino games, but allow sports betting)

Additionally, for the sake of helping players, all operators must show the following information at every slot play session in the UK starting from November 2021:

  • The amount of time you’ve spent playing
  • Your net position (i.e., the amount you’re down or up by)

These indicators help players stay aware of their play, but there may come a time when they cannot play slots at all. In that case, further measures like time-outs or self-exclusion might be necessary. Regardless of the best time to play slots online, there is plenty of support available for anyone with concerns, including the BeGambleAware site. Good luck!

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