Is Autoplay in Online Slots a good tool? 

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Because of the slot industry’s insane level of popularity and income these days it can be natural to think that it has been around for several hundred years like other iconic table games like blackjack or poker, but that’s not actually true at all. You see, it was only at the close of the 19th century that the first slot machine was designed by Charles D. Fey, which puts the incredible market growth over the last hundred or so years firmly into perspective.

The great thing about slots in comparison to other casino games is that they always have the capacity to evolve and get better. In fact, this is probably the main reason why the online slot industry is by far and away from the No. 1 gambling market in the world right now. First, it was 100% mechanical slots, then electro-magnetic slots, video slots, and ultimately online slots –try branded slot games like Vikings and Narcos. Autoplay is a fairly new slot feature, but is it a good tool? Let’s find out!

What is autoplay in online slots?

First and foremost, let’s take a look at exactly what autoplay is in online slots, as beginners and those not used to it will definitely be wondering. Autoplay is a very simple slots feature, and one that most developers include in their games nowadays, because why not? As you might have guessed from the name, autoplay let’s you sit back and relax, whilst the slot automatically spins the reels for you.

Autoplay can certainly be a useful tool for slot gamblers, especially if they are looking for a slightly more relaxing experience. Beware though, because it can also cost you quite a lot of money.

The history of autoplay in slots

When did autoplay arise in slots? It definitely wasn’t a feature with Charles D. Fey’s seminal Liberty Bell machine back in the 1890s, and it also wasn’t common at all during the golden age of Las Vegas slot gambling either. In fact, autoplay only really came to prominence after the invention of video slots, because this discovery made it a lot easier to incorporate.

Autoplay was useful for casino gamblers glued to video slot screens, but it only started to gain major prominence after the beginning of the online rtp slot era. Most early online slots had autoplay, and this has continued into the present day.

Autoplay in online slots: The benefits

There are quite a few benefits to autoplay in online slots, take a look:

  • Hands-free entertainment: With autoplay on you can enjoy playing an online slot game without even touching your device!
  • Relaxing and good for background playing: We don’t always have the time to focus 100% on a slot gambling session, autoplay is good for the times you are multitasking.

Autoplay in online slots: The negatives

There’s no doubting the positives to autoplay, but at the same time there are definitely negatives:

·Harder to regulate spending: You really have to be careful of your bankroll with autoplay on, as it makes it a lot easier to overspend.

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