Best Camping Gears For 2020

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The winter season is settling in and now is the time to visit some of the best places on earth that remain over-crowded during the rest of the years. So, if you have finally decided to brave the winter season and are heading for your next camping trip, it is foremost important to survive the life-threatening situations that come our way. Whether it is the phone’s dead battery or a car breakdown, preparation is the key to survive. Below is the list of camping gears that you dare not forget at home while you step outside the home. These gears will make those toughest nights easier and encourage you to stand firm no matter what.

  • A Portable Speaker – Stash a portable Bluetooth speaker inside your bag and get the party started anytime and anywhere. Play all your favorite tracks anytime and stay entertained during those long journeys. There are plenty of speakers that deliver a powerful noise and they can be easily connected with your smartphone’s BlueTooth. Not only this, the addition of an in-built mic makes it good for you to take and answer calls without you having to reach for your phone. The superb battery backup is enough to let you dance for nights and you can also play the latest tracks while getting it charged.


  • Camping cooler – A Camping cooler would be your only companion to rely upon to keep your beverages and food cold. If you are looking for a camping cooler, make sure to get a cooler that is lightweight. There are many coolers that feature wheels, shoulder straps, latches, handles and thus, they are portable. Make sure to go through Portable coolers review to see how the wheels of these coolers work – whether or not they can mount on any rough terrain. There are a lot of other factors that you need to consider while buying a new camping cooler. It includes ice retention, durability, design, and constructions.
  • Lantern – A camping light is an essential part of traveling gear and you should always stash one in your luggage. And what’s better than a sun-powered light? A battery that can be charged with the rays of the sun is all you need. You won’t need to keep it charged frequently or require any new batteries. A good lightening can guide you to the campsite or light up your place while you savor the supper. So, it is always a good idea to carry a lantern or light to light up your personal space and get rid of the darkness.
  • A Camping Tent – Well, have you thought of your accommodation when you reach your campsite at night? We imagine that you have not thought of it yet. A camping tent is all you need to experience a home-like stay. These tents are designed to offer you comfortable living. These tents are really easy to set up and you can effortlessly set them up in just a few minutes. These tents can easily provide shelter to a small group of friends or a big family and they also offer space where you can keep your personal stuff.
  • Power Banks – Power Banks have become an important thing these days. We all want to stay connected with people and even, we also post photos while camping out with our friends. Whether it is a laptop or smartphone or tablet or headphones, these gadgets run on power and there always remains an issue of charging these devices. For that reason, we advise you to get a power bank that will keep your devices charged. Not only this, they can charge your devices multiple times and since they are lightweight, you won’t be having issues carrying them around. So, make some space in your backpack for the addition of power banks. Additionally, you can also think of carrying a Power Station when going on long camping trips.


  • Blanket – There are times when the temperature will not raise up to any double-digit which is why it is always essential to carry a Blanket with yourself. A Cozy blanket will add an extra layer of warmth and it will shield you the chilling wind. When it comes to finding the blanket, there are many brands in the industry but Rumpl remains a big fish in the industry. In fact, it is a go-to brand for many outdoorsmen out there. These camp blankets are versatile and can be packed easily and they don’t take huge space in your luggage.


  • Portable clothes washer – You never know when your kids spill those sauces on his shirt or many times, your clothes are exposed to the dust. A portable clothes washer is what you need during those times. All it takes a bit of water, detergent and you are ready to go for your next campsite with the newest clothes. So, make sure to carry a portable clothes washer with you.


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