What is a Megaways Slot?

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Even if you are new to slot gaming, chances are that you would have encountered a Megaways slot. Though these slots seem similar to regular slots, they actually have a lot of stark differences which promise completely different experiences for players to enjoy.

Megaways slots are one of the most popular variations of slots amongst players today, with their unique style and massive amounts of possible payouts. They differ in various ways from a regular slot.

Megaways slots at Vegas Paradise Casino offer two hundred and forty three paylines, five reels with three symbols on each, however sometimes there can be up to eight symbols on a reel depending on which Megaways slot you are playing!

History of Megaways Slots

Megaways slots was a new innovation from the Australian developer, Big Time Gaming. They released the slot Bonanza Megaways, which took the online slot world by storm. Players were amazed at the new ways that they could play and win. The slot had unlimited multipliers which could multiply your stake, a massive number of ways to win, there were bonus rounds such as free spins and multipliers and there were even new and innovative themes to enjoy. Soon other developers started releasing their own versions of the Megaways slot, while some have remained more popular than others it is clear that players love Megaways slots no matter who has developed them.


There are many reasons why you should try a Megaways slot out. The first reason is that they provide you the opportunity to bolster your winning chances thanks to the massive amount of paylines that they offer. Another benefit of using Megaways slots is that they help to break you out of the more formulaic slot games, as Megaways requires a different playing style in order to be successful. The final benefit is perhaps the most obvious, Megaways slots provide players with the chance to win a massive payout, what else could you ask for from a slot.

Best Megaways Slots to Try

If you have never tried a Megaways slot before, there are several which are ideal to try out.

Bonanza Megaways

This was the original Megaways slot and it is still arguably the best when you are looking to start out with Megaways. It contains all the innovative features that players have come to expect from Megaways slots but it still has an air of simplicity about it, it’s not hard to see why this slot set the gaming world on fire when you play it.

Diamond Mine Megaways

This slot provides a fun and exciting experience for players. With it’s bright colours and likeable characters, Diamond Mine Megaways offers players an thrilling Megaways experience. Made by BluePrint Gaming, this slot takes full advantage of it’s western theme, be sure to trigger the TNT in order to get diamonds, the most valuable symbol in the slot.

Final Thoughts

Megaways slots have proven to be incredibly popular among players, they have also been highly influential in the slot gaming world. Developers now use the Megaways name to produce their own versions of the slot. The themes vary wildly, ensuring that players won’t get bored anytime soon.

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